Wednesday 11 June 2014

We are Back! :)

Hello Everyone,

Its Karuna here after a real long time. I just had to come and share my excitement about the brand new site! Yipeee!

Yes after several sleepless nights, long hours of research, understanding, making mistakes, learning and re-doing work we have managed to get the new site up and running. I wanted to keep this a big surprise for you and hence we are revealing it all today! I must thanks all my friends and family for the constant support and thank to our Design Team for holding the fort while I was MIA. Love you guys!

We have most of you existing customer already on our site but it may prompt you to use "forgot password" to get the account activated else it takes just few second to register!

Never the less we have Rs.100 store credit waiting for your first purchase.

 I hope you enjoy the new site with all the new amazing features. I look forward to your feedback and suggestion.

A big thank you for always being there for me. Its been a long journey and your love and kindness has always motivated me to only do the best!

Much Love


  1. Congrats and wishing you a happy and looong journey in this venture.

    1. thanks Rupa, for your love and support!

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    1. Great going Karuna! Glad your store is back :). Wish you all the very best :)

  3. Great news, Karuna! The new store is looking awesome!


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