Friday 25 January 2013

How to: S Shaped Card & Scallop circle flowers

Hi everyone. Today I will illustrate how to make beautiful flowers using a scallop circle punch. We will also see the use of these flowers on a S-Shaped card.

To make the flowers follow these steps:
1. Punch out circles from a circle punch. You may also use die cuts or draw a simple circle and cut along it using scallop scissors. I have used 2" scallop punch here. To make this flower, we need 3 scallop circles.
2. Distress the edges of the scallop circle.
3. Spritz them with water and let them dry partially.
4. Scrunch them roughly and wait for another minute.
5. Open up the scallop circles.
[Tip]: Do not allow the circles to be completely dry else they will become stiff and you will not be able to shape them well.
6. Apply some glue in the center of two circles and place the three circles on top of the other.
7. Start scrunching the innermost circle and then scrunch the second and third one inwards. Voila, the flowers are ready! Aren't they so easy to make.

Now onto the card.... I have made a S-Shaped card as below:
1. Take a 6" by 8" piece of card stock. Score it at 2" and 4".
2. Mountain fold the 2" score line and valley fold the 4" line.
3. You may wish to keep the card plain. To add some more design, I have punched the outer fold using MS Lace punch. [I love this punch so much that I am practically using it on most of my cards nowadays :)]
4. Add a die cut shape on the fold line such that its center coincides with the fold.
5. Decorate the die-cut as desired. I have made some filler flowers also in addition to the scallop punch flowers for this card. I used this particular punch to make the fillers.
6. Cut a pollen into half and insert through the center of the punch out. Add some glue and scrunch the edges towards the top. 
7. Here is the finished card.


  1. OMG what a beauty!Loved the tute too.I suck at flowers but this one looks kewl and I am so gonna try it soon.

  2. beautiful flowers..thanks for sharing such a nice tut.

  3. this is very beatuiful!!!!!!

  4. Very pretty flowers and specially small one with pollen is awesome..thanks for sharing it Indira !!

  5. lovely colours and beautiful flowers and card indira. thanks for sharing
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  7. Loved the gorgeous blooms and the idea to use pollens with the punched sunflower design!! Beautiful card Indira!

  8. Wow ..your flowers look gorgeous and I totally loved the pollen idea ...Thank you so much for the tute ...your card is so beautiful!!

  9. Woow...Indira love the flowers and the fillers flower idea!!! Thanks for sharing

  10. Wow!!such a pretty card.I just loved those flowers.Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Love the way it has come about and you are so good with punches Indira

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  14. Thanks for the tutorial!! Am going to try this out for sure!!

  15. This is great Indra....Loved the idea... Thanks for sharing !!!!

  16. very nice.. thanks fr the how-to

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  18. This is so gorgeous, I love your flowers. xxxx


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