Monday, 27 April 2015

The Triad Tree - Watercoloring with Distress

Dear Crafty Friends...

A big hello to all of you!! Hope you are enjoying the month of April with loads of watercoloring techniques being shared by the DT members. Today I have a super simple watercolor technique to share with you all. 

The Triad Tree - Using Primary Watercolours

These are some of the beautiful results I got by using just 3 primary colors - Yellow, Blue and Red.

The tutorial is really simple, all you need are the watercolors, a round paintbrush, watercolor paper, a mini water spritzer and heat gun!

1. Start by tapping watercolors onto the watercolor paper - Yellow, followed by Blue and finally by Red. I would suggest you all to practice the tapping on waste paper before you finally get a hang of it. You can also control the amount of color by using less/more water and by tapping closer/ far from the paper. 

For tapping the paint brush, you can either use your fingers or a wooden spoon/stick. It helps controlling the paint splatters. 

2. Once the colors are all tapped in, the real fun begins.. Bring out your mister and spray lightly on the paper till the colors start moving and blending.
3. Use the heat gun to set the colors dry.
4. You can paint the branches and the tree trunk using a darker shade of watercolor.

Voila, you triad tree is almost ready!! All you need to do is add your sentiments and pop it up on a card panel. I have used various sentiments directly on the card / or on a vellum strip. 

So, let you imagination run wild in making these simple triad trees! You can also experiment with various colors to get different effects. I was aiming at a spring look and hence the bright colors. 

Hope you liked the cards and the quick tutorial. Don't forget that we have a month long challenge which is open upto 30 April 2015! The winner gets to take home some yummy products from Lulupu!



  1. Wonderful cards and those trees just pop out of the background. :)

  2. Awesome cards! Another must try technique........this month inspiration for been awesome!

  3. Such awesome cards Dolly!! I'm sure gonna try this out!! looks soo tempting!! :)


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