Monday 13 April 2015

Watercoloring with Distress Inks & Gelatoes

Hello Everyone!!

 Dolly here and I welcome you all for another post on Watercolor cards. I hope you all are enjoying the lovely inspiration being shared by the team and trying out your creativity with Watercolors!
Also, we have a month long challenge going on for the same theme, you can read all about it in the below link: [Psst, did you know that you can link to a maximum of 10 challenges, including Lulupu]

Challenge 48 - Watercolors

Today I have a few cards which I will be sharing on watercolor techniques. I have been hooked to watercolors since the recent times, and its amazing to see what a small drop of water can do to your cards. So without any further delay.. Here I start:

1. For this card, which is super simple I just randomly painted a couple of spots on the watercolor paper with distress ink and stamped my image on top of it. For the backdrop, I sponged some distress and used a wet paint brush to spread the color. Easy peasy, aint it? You can use this technique for any image which has space for coloring inside.

2. This is the Bokeh effect which has been modified with a different stamp set. All you need to do is create your own background with different splash of colors on a watercolor piece of cardstock (any watercolor medium works for this - I have used distress inks). Once that is done, just take any block stamp and repeatedly stamp with with white ink. Thats it ! You have your own personalised 'Bokeh Effect'.

Another, similar card with the same technique but different stamp used!

3. This is one of my favorite watercolor technique so far! The 'No - line' water coloring. All you need is a very light ink to stamp the image. The best option is 'Antique linen' because its so light. To get the best effect, use a wet brush to color in the image with water (small sections at a time) and then drop small drop of color. The water does the rest of the trick. To get the soft shimmery back ground, I have used the silver gelato :) Isnt that pretty!! Just remember to paint a coat of water and then drop the colors.

Another close up! You can hardly see the outline :)

4. This card is another super simple and easy to create. All you need is to sponge your favorite colors on a piece of watercolor cardstock and mist the card with water. That does the trick to create a faux- watercolor look on the card! For my card, if you see carefully, you can see a stenciled background as well. All you need for that is any stencil of your choice spritzed with water and place that on the distressed cardstock. As we all know, water reacts with inks and creates this bleached look ! You can then stamp your choice of image/ sentiment in black ink! Voila, the card is ready!

5. Last but definitely not the least: a super simple card with gelatoes. For this card, I just used the gelato stick right on the cardstock and generously misted it water. I also used my fingers to spread the color and give that soft look. I used my blow dryer to dry the piece and then die cut the word on it, which was used as my shaker window!

A close up look for the gelatoes with watercolor background!

So, I hope I have been successful at inspiring you all to try out your watercolors ! Do let me know which card you liked the best :) Waiting to hear from all of you. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Whoaaaa! So many cards and inspirations! Even third one seems to be my fav. :)
    Great techniques...these are definitely going to be a To-Do! Gorgeous cards..
    Suchi xx

  2. Thank You Suchi :) Do share the cards which you try!

  3. Lovely cards Dolly!! TFS so many interesting techniques!!

  4. Awesome cards!! i loved that Free hand one quite a lot.. time to try them out!

  5. Super cards Dolly! Sooooo many!


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