Friday 14 August 2015

Baby themed Shadow box !!

Hello Everyone!!!

This is Manu and I'm sharing with you my interpretation of this months uber cute theme! It's all about Babies this month, it's about making some cute and super adorable creations ! Read all about the challenge and the guidelines here 

Babies are truly a little bit of heaven and they are such adorable gummy bunnies that one just gets lost in all the mischief and cute stuff they do!! I sure have awesome time with my tiny tot and I'm amazed at the way they sense and soak in all the teeny tiny details and activities that we do daily, not to mention, Imitate them straight away! Well, my baby is at the stage where she nods her head for a NO for every single thing I say to her !! Sigh...She listens and then does the exact opposite! But She's my happy place for sure, a smile on her face makes me happy to bits!

For this months challenge, I have made a Shadow box for a little baby boy!!
Here's what I did!

Here's how I did it. 
1. Take a shadow box of 12*12 size and any design, prime it with Gesso, I normally prime my MDF objects with primer and sand it a little before applying the base color.
The advantage of applying gesso(primer) is that the base color coat comes up nicely and the exact same, than when the gesso is skipped. When the Gesso(primer) is skipped, the base coat color is always a little darker than the actual color and this might give the same exact color you want for your project.

2. Once the shadow box is primed and coloured, cut out the pattern papers as per the dimensions of each internal box of the shadow box and apply using Mod Podge. 

3. Embellish the boxes as per the way you want the box to have a final look and once the base pattern papers are applied, seal them up again with a coat of Mod Podge!

There you go.. easy peasy!! Isn't it??

Here are a few more closer look at some of the elements !

I totally love those cute teeny tiny booties... You can find the tutorial on the net and they are super fun to make. These booties are all about 1.5 inches (very very small) 

Another place to put up the baby's picture!! We all sure love babies to the moon and back!! They are adorable little munchkins!

I love shadow boxes for the basic fact that they can accommodate pictures as well as messages and is a great option for displaying ! They make for one adorable wall pieces!!

I hope you liked my pretty-all-blue shadow box and do remember to enter into this months challenge here. Do let me know if you liked this pretty one!!

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  1. Fabulous shadow box!!! Love the colours...

  2. Love the birght colours and Blue will always go for baby boys projects

  3. Adorable project Manu :) The super bubbly baby words in the post can make anyone cheerful & put a smile on their face :) <3

  4. Blueeee shadow box loving it.


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