Monday 30 March 2015

Fun with Gelatos

Morning friends!
Hope are you enjoying the all the month long fun at the Lulupu 3rd Birthday Bash! You still have 48h to share your creations across three categories. For details visit the challenge post here.

Today lets have some fun with gelatos. 
Here are the supplies you need - 
Baby wipes
Tissue paper roll
Card stock

1.Prepare the paper by applying a layer of gesso (acts as a primer & makes blending so much easier), let dry.
2. Select gelatos of your choice & scribble on the paper.

3.Spritz water & blend the colors with a brush or get messy, use fingers for best results!

4.Or let the excess water run down by holding the paper upright to get a dripping look.

5.Once dry place a stencil over the CS & use a baby wipe to remove some color.

6.Gently roll a tissue paper roll over the stencil to remove excess moisture.

7.And here is the result of this simple technique!

7. I added some more color through the stencil, spritz with water & once again blend the colors with your fingers............with the stencil still in place.

This will give a lovely texture. Apply a layer of mod podge/gel medium to fix the color.

I made some bookmarks from the CS I used in these techniques.



Hope you too have fun with your gelatos & thank you for joining me today!


Thank you for your comments and feedback.