Friday 6 March 2015

Explosion Box with a 3D cake : Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

This is Manu here and I have another exciting project to share with you all today! This month is all about celebrations here at Lulupu as it has been '3' years since the inception of lulupu, your favorite craft store, and we are having a blast celebrating !! We would love you all to join us and see what amazing inspirations we have in store for you guys! Ohh, between Lulupu store has an amazing sale going on and all your favorite craft supplies are now available at an amazing discount. So hurry up and stock up your supplies, you can check the sale here.

Here's the theme for this month's challenge, it had to be all Birthday related as we celebrate Lulupu's Birthday!! There is a lovely moodboard to pick up inspiration for your projects and yes, your projects needs to be something related to BIRTHDAY!

Here's what I made!!

A little birthday love for lulupu!! And yes, Birthday's are kind of incomplete without a cake, so I have a cake as well, here's my yumm cake!

Looks yummy, right??? So lets check out on how I made this one up !!! The Cake is actually a part of the Explosion box, hence I have an complete tutorial for the same! 

Here's how my box looks like!

Here are the steps for making this pretty box!! and yes, they make an awesome gift to gift someone (I love that element of surprise in there, when the 4 flaps opens up to reveal the pretty cake inside, and not to forget the amazing look in the eyes of the receiver!)

PS: This box measures 4*4 inches

1. Take a solid cardstock measuring 12*12 inches and score at 4" and 8" from one side, now flip it to the adjacent side and score at 4" and 8" again. Cut 4 side flaps to make a plus shape of the remaining cardstock. This will form the base of the box. 
To make the flap, take a cardstock measuring 7*7 inches and score at 1.25" from each side. Fold the sides and make a small mark of 1.25" from all the 4 sides and paste this small flap inside to make it look like a box lid. 

2. Now cut out your pattern paper to embellish the box! I have a layer of solid black cardstock beneath each cut out Pattern paper. This gives a nice little outline to the pattern paper. Stick up these papers on the base and on the lid of the box!! 

3. Now comes my most favorite part of the explosion box and that is the Cake. I'm always excited to make this one as each time I make a miniature paper cake, I end up loving it and wish that I could eat it up too!! 
To make the 3-tier cake, follow these steps. 
Base layer: cut out a solid cardstock measuring 5*5 inches and score at .75" at all the sides. Cut along the edge of the folded sides from 4 ends and paste it all. You will end up with the BOX LID kind of lid. This makes the base layer.
Middle layer: Cut out a solid cardstock 4.25*4.25 inches and score at .75" from each side. Make a similar structure like the base layer.
Top Layer: Cut out a solid cardstock measuring 3.5*3.5 inches and score at .75" from each side. Make a similar structure as the base layer. 
You will end up with the cake as in the picture below.

4. Your cake is ready!!! Let your imagination take a soar and embellish it!! This is how my finished box looks like!

Very easy peasy!!! Right??? I have always loved making these boxes for they are soo versatile and they looks so amazing! 

Lets look at how I interpreted the moodboard

1. Techniques: Distress look, Embossing
2. Materials: Lace
3. Embellishments: Pearl string, flowers, leaves, pollens
4. Shapes: Square(Box), oval(die-cuts)
5. Others: calligraphic font!

Ohh yes, I made a 3-tier cake (3 cakes) to represent the number '3' which marks Lulupu's 3rd Birthday Celebrations!!

I hope that you all liked my little treat and will try one for sure!! Do join us in the celebrations! Remember to enter into the Birthday Raffle here, and also checkout all about the rules and guidelines to enter into the challenge here.



  1. Lovely explosion box Manu!!!! Loved that pretty cake in the middle panel!!! TFS tute!!!!!

    1. Thank you Neha!!! I'm glad that you liked it!!

  2. Such a yummy cake! Thanks for sharing the "how to".

    1. Thank you for liking Tanvi!!! wish I could taste is as well!! :)

  3. The explosion box is so very pretty Manu! :)
    Loved it!
    Suchi xx

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  5. How do you make the lid ?

  6. You are one talented lady, great tutorial.

  7. Great tutorial, Thanks, Denise in Texas


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