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A Birthday is a day to celebrate!!

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Hello and welcome to yet another fun filled post here at Lulupu! It’s that time of the year, when we all celebrate Lulupu’s Birthday!! I’m sure that you must be having a gala time participating in the challenges!! Join in the fun and have a blast with us. Ohh yes, there are loads of prizes to be won and a bumper raffle too!! Checkout the details of the bumper raffle here and the challenge prizes here. And in addition to this, there are some pretty awesome games hosted by the DT members and the winners for the games will receive a surprise gift from the DT’s !!! Now that is a lot of reasons to celebrate and take part in the challenge!!
Ohh, I do have a game for you in the end! Do check it out !

Birthdays are so much fun and everyone starts counting days to their birthdays days before in advance! Well, the kids start doing  that months before!! Isn’t it true that everybody looks forward to this special day in their lives?? I sure do, and I’m sure that you do too!

We have a special post here which is completely dedicated to all about planning a birthday celebration!! Since it's Lulupu's birthday month and Me and Karuna have done some Birthday theme parties, We thought it would be fun to showcase the process about the planning and deciding!

PS: This is a picture heavy post.

Lets checkout what all can be included in a birthday party celebration and then we'll move onto more detailing. Birthday parties these days are more of a theme based event and once a theme is decided it becomes very easy to pick up the elements based on the theme and incorporate into the party!! If it's a kids party, the theme is in most times based on some cartoon character the kids like or maybe a Disney movie theme. 

Some of the kids themes are.

Fairy theme
Mermaid theme
You are my sunshine
Cute as a button
Candyland theme
Soccer theme
Cartoon themes(Doraemon, Chota bheem, barbie etc)
Disney Movie theme (Frozen, Mickey and minnie etc)

Some of the teenage theme birthday parties can be 
Hollywood theme birthday party
Bollywood theme birthday party
Fiesta theme party
Movie theme parties
Teen karakore parties
Alice in wonderland
Horror theme parties etc

The themes are endless and it all depends on your imagination and budget to think and plan about what kind of a themed party you plan to do.

Here's a list of the party categories you would generally look and plan about
Birthday Invites
Birthday venue entrance
Backdrop setup of the cake table
Cake table and guest table set-up
Party props and Birthday wishes
Return favors
Kids play area

Lets checkout the ideas about the planning.

1. Birthday invites
The party all starts with planning the invites and the kids love handing over these to their friends and they sure give it with a lot of care and love! The invites can also be designed on the theme that is finalized for the birthday party. And they sure can be handmade too, checkout some of the party invites 

 A Kingdon(prince) theme invite 

A Batman theme invite

  A mermaid theme invite

Add your imagination and you can have one of the most gorgeous and lovely invites for your birthday parties. The possibilities are endless!

2. Birthday venue entrance
The entrance of the birthday venue makes for another are to think and plan about. A little planning here makes the invitees feel nice and upbeat about the celebrations. The entrance decoration also adds a whole lot to the charm and brings a bang on to the celebrations!

Here's some of the pics from a Soccer theme birthday party
The venue looks a whole lot lively with the awesome entrance and also the lovely pom poms in the below pic. Ohh yes, the pom poms mixed with the balloons sure makes a nice picture.

3. Backdrop set up of the cake table

Thinking about the presentation of the backdrop where the cake table goes is an absolute must must. This is one place where a whole lot of pictures get clicked and a nice backdrop makes sooper nice pictures to be cherished always.
There are a  lot of ways to decorate the backdrop. My most favorite way to do them is through Rosettes! these pretties makes the most amazing backdrops and combine them with balloons, the backdrop comes out to be awesome!

Another thing I love is decorating the complete backdrop with balloons with a banner. That sure looks amazing too!!

Here's a small setup that I did for my little one's 1st birthday bash at home!! It was a small affair, but I wanted a lot of handmade touch to the celebration, so I ended up making rosettes and a pretty banner for my little one!

A lovely banner matching a theme makes a lovely presentation at the back of the cake table!!! 
Below are some pretty banners!! they are simple to make, yet they add a lot of charm to the complete setup!

4. Cake table and guest table setup

One of the most important planning needed is for the setup of the cake table!! Once again, the possibilities are endless and one can play with a lot of colors and ideas here. But once again, if there is a theme for a birthday party, it becomes a whole lot easier planning as the colors are almost selected and one can play with the ideas around.

Here's a soccer theme cake table! I simply love love love this setup!

I simply love those dressforms there!! Ohh between theses are chocolates and then the cover is transformed to look like a soccer jersey! Isn't that a very cute idea?

Ohh here's a pretty cake banner that goes on top of the cake!

Here's another cake banner. They sure make one pretty creation!

A few placecards and food labels makes an lovely scene to look at!

Another important thing to look and plan is the guest table! Since most parties nowadays have proper guest tables setup, it is important to pay a little attention to the decoration of the table!

Here's a few table centerpieces for a 40th birthday party!

Some centerpieces for a Batman theme party!

I also have a few centerpieces for a Doraemon theme birthday party! 

5. Birthday party props and birthday wishes

Party props is a latest trend these days!! Grab a prop and strike a pose!!! Well, a prop sure makes a nice variation to the traditional way of clicking up the party pics!! Flaunting props with cute messages add a complete different feeling and fun factor to a party!

A setup of the prop's area!! Grab a prop, strike a pose and get clicked! 

Here are a few pics of the party props!

Fun and quirky one liners makes amazing props and they are fun to hold and get clicked in that pose!!

doraemon theme props! 

One can also have a place reserved for writing down their wishes for the birthday girl/boy!! Who would not love some birthday love showers on them! and yes, they make for a lovely memento too to be cherished always. One way to keepsake all those loving wishes is a Wish tree!

Setup a little tree and some tags for the guest to write down their wishes for you!! The guest will love showering wishes on you and you will love the shower! 

6. Return Favors

Return favors are something which has endless options and it all depends on the budget and the age group of the recipients that decides and closes on what to give as a return gift. 
But yes, who says that the packaging of the return gifts has to be boring, quirk it up with some fun cards and a thank you card and make the recipient feel special

Gift them out in the cutest way possible and I'm sure the kids are gonna love it!

7. Kids play area/activites
This is one more additional area to think about a plan. Yet again, the sky is the limit and one can have a play area setup or fun games or a musical event, a karaoke event planned or even have a magic show! Now who doesn't mind seeing and playing along a Magic juggler. 

Here are some links to the blog post from Karuna's blog from which the references were made:

I have not yet written posts about the parties I have helped organizing, but you can checkout my FB page for some pictures I have already posted there!


I'm sure you must have enjoyed reading about the planning and preparations that goes into an awesome birthday party!!! Do pick up some hints and make your party a lovely one. Also when you do, leave us a comment on how you planned and executed your special day and we would love to hear about the same!!!!

 Okay, so now onto the game:


It's all about Scrapbooking terms and jargon. Now that we all love scrapbooking and crafting, I thought it would be fun to know a little more about what we do. I have a small questionnaire for you!
Here's the same:

 All you have to do is to find out the correct name and mail the list of the names to with subject "Game#4 - Your Name". One Random winner will be picked from the correct entries.
 I hope you enjoy the game. Remember that the game will be opened up for 3 days only, so you have 3 days to submit your answers!!

Do remember to participate in our current challenge which is all about birthdays here


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