Friday 27 November 2015

Make a Mini: Z flap album tutorial

Hello everyone
Neha here with my second post for this month. This month's theme is make a mini and you can find all challenge details here.

Toady I am sharing with you a pinspired Z flap album and I have prepared a pictorial as well. This one is a flip album and has been done with stack the deck binding. Each page in the album has a flap on one side and a pocket on other, holding a photo mat. U can add photos on both the sides of flaps as well as on photo mat, so there is space for 5 photos on one single page only. In total it has space for 30 pics with just 6 pages. Isn't it great! And its super easy to make.
The size of album is 6*7 inches. The covers are made of chipboard. For this album I wanted to do something different from my usual style. So here I decided to use Altenew vintage roses and flowers stamp instead of using any dimensional flowers and I really love its final look. It has a photo mat as well. The PPs match so well with flowers. Also used Prima wood veneers, glitter heart and liquid pearls.
Here are few more pics
Close up

Another view

Inside view

First page

Second page

And now comes the pictorial for the album. I have prepared step by step instructions along with the pics for a better understanding. The album cover is 6*7 inches in size and binding is stack the deck which you all must be familiar  with.
Here are the steps:
1. For the pages we need two different types of CS.
A- type

A type- It measures 4-1/2"* 8-1/2", score this one at 5" on 8-1/2" side (as shown in pic). As you can see in the pic there is a 1/4" overlap at one end, do not score at this point just mark it. Prepare a second piece of same measurement.
 B type

B type- It measures 11"*6-1/2". Score this at center i.e., at 5-1/2" and fold it.
So in total we need two pieces of A type of CS and one piece of B type of CS for making a single page of album.
2. Next we are joining the two narrower sections of A type CS together and if u look at them while holding up, they form a "Z" shape, that's why the name Z flap album. Add a strip of tacky tape to the 1/4" overlap on one of the piece of A type CS and attach the other piece of A type CS to it but it should be inverted (see in the pic). The two pieces are joined now but they are in opposite orientation, one has a valley fold and other one has a mountain fold.

3. Now to create the pocket portion of the page we will take B type CS and the center section of the "Z" shape is slipped down inside the B type CS. Its placement is in a way that a 1/4" space is there at the bottom/top on both the sides.

There is a open space above which will be used for attaching the pages to binding.

4. Next keep the open portion up, open the flap (on bottom) hold it in place, hold the center portion down. add a thin line of glue along the edges and fold back the center portion again and glue it. 

Flip it over, Now open portion is at bottom and fold on top. Open the flap and lift up the center portion and glue it as we did above. While gluing the center portion please make sure that you maintain the 1/4" space at bottom/ top on both sides.
So we have a open space on side and flap on the other, on both sides of page. Make other six pages in the same way and as I had mentioned above also use the open space on top for attaching pages to the binding. Make tags for the pockets and the album is done. Embellish it using your favorite pps and other embellishments.
Hope you like it. Add you entries for current challenge here.

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