Monday 16 November 2015

Mini Album Tips - Maximise photo space

Hello friends,

Today, I'm back to share more about each page of the mini album posted a few days ago for this month's challenge
The earlier post had details of how to make the base of the album and embellishments, today's post is about how 4 pages can hold 20 photographs.
Tip 1: This is a really simple one. Make a pocket that goes half way through the page using lace. The base can be used to journal and the pocket holds a tag with photos on both sides. I would not put more than one tag in this pocket to ensure the seams don't tear or fold plus it's easy to put in and pull out the tag. Another idea is to tie a set of tags together with ribbon and add it inbetween pages. While the front can be used to journal or as is, the back of the tags can have photographs.
Tip2: Flip-open page held by washi tape can be used to add some hidden journaling or extra photographs. Simply use some washi tape over the edge of a piece of paper to make a hinge.
Tip3: Folded pages can be used for more photographs and journaling. Simply fold a rectangle in half, tie it close using a string or ribbon. For the recipient to know there is a fold, Ive used either arrows or tabs on the inside.
Here are the pages with the folds open. Inside one of the folded pages, I've added a small pocket and two tiny tags.
 Tip4: This fold is slightly different. Score a square piece of paper across the middle (making a plus so that you have 4 smaller squares), cut off one of the squares. Fold along the scored lines and you will get one 'side' opening and one 'top' opening fold.
The rest of the pages are single photo pages and can be seen here.

Through the rest of this month, the DT will be sharing ways of including more photos, so visit back often. 

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Happy Crafting!


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