Monday 30 November 2015

Make a Mini: Memories themed album

Hello Everyone!!!

Good Morning everyone and this is Manu here !! I hope you are having fun with our current theme this month of making a mini album and we are looking forward to seeing your creations!!!! Incase you have not played along yet, do so by today for today is the end date to enter your creations in the challenge!
You can read all about the current month challenge here

A pretty memories themed album is what I have made to showcase 2 popular types of interactive elements in the albums, The waterfall element and the accordation fold. The albums also have more interactive pages and elements inside with lots of flaps and hidden pages!! Totally loved the pastel shades this album has!

Here's the glimpse of the album! I have kept it simple for the basic reason that I want the pictures to shine through the album on the whole!

Here's how to make the waterfall element. It looks pretty complex with all the tutorials listed on the web, but believe me, once you figure out how to make it, there's no looking back and it takes very little effort to make them then!

My waterfall element has space for 5 pics. Cut out 5 flaps of 4*4 inch size.  You would also need a long strip of paper. I had mine of the 1.5*14 inch measurement. Now take the long strip and score it at .75 intervals each.

 This step needs to be done 5 times. so in the end you'll have the scoring at .75, 1.5, 2.25, 3 and 3.75 inches. Now take one of your 4*4 flap and attach it to the first .75 scored area. The second 4*4 flap to the second .75 are and repeat the process. 
Once all the 5 flaps have been attached, fold the remaining piece of the long strip.

You would just need to put the brads in there for the strip of paper which holds the entire waterfall element and put a little glue on the last flap (the inner most) to hold it with the vertical strip of paper.

For the accordation fold, which again is quite easy peasy and one of the best way to entertain a number of pictures/messages on a single page!!! You would just need to score and fold in a zig zag way for any number of flaps you want in your accordation fold! (The left page in the pic below has the accordation fold)

Here are some more pictures of the album. 

I hope you all liked the album and do join us in this months challenge here.

Happy Crafting !!!

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