Friday 29 March 2013

How To: Use Martha Stewart Punches effectively

We all love our MS Punches and they are one of our most prized possessions. But do we use them well? Do we really use them to their full potential? Well, often not!
Few years back I used to quietly admire my blogger friends who showed off their beautiful punches and hoped one day I too will buy my first ever MS Punch!! That triggered the process of buying (rather hoarding) MS Punches and I need not say anything much about it now ;)
Lately I realized I invested so much in these punches but don't really use them well. There is so much we can do rather than just punching out a simple border.
I personally find using a MS Punch a lot easier, mainly because:
1)      They are so handy
2)      They are so versatile

Let’s look at the nomenclature of MS Punches which itself is quite confusing at times. The border punches come in two forms:
A.      Martha Stewart Crafts Edger Punch

B. Martha Stewart Crafts Punch Around The Page – These have a coordinating corner punch.
Then, of course there is the other range of MS Punches like Punch All Over the Page, Circle edge punch and the usual craft punches.

It took me a while to figure out how to use the Punch Around The Page. And after some research I found these measurements on the net and also a very useful post by Paper Castle. She has also suggested sticking these measurements on the punch itself so that you don’t have to dig out a tute every time.

Measurements for Punch Around The Page Large - Paper sizes [In Inches]:
4 in
6 in
8 in
10 in
You can use these measurements in any combination to form a square or rectangle.
E.g. 4” x 4” square, 4” x 6” rectangle, 8” x 10” rectangle and so on.

Measurements for Punch Around The Page Small - Paper sizes [In Inches]: grow by increments of 1.75" up to 12"!
3.25 in
5 in
6.75 in
8.5 in
10.25 in
12 in
You can use these measurements in any combination to form a square or rectangle.
E.g. 3.25” x 5” square, 5” x 6.75” rectangle, 12” x 12” square and so on.

Here are some ways in which we can use these punches.
For illustration I am using MS Punch Around the Page Small - Ribbon Loop and MS Punch Around The Page Large -Double Arches. [Click to enlarge the pictures]

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  1. I am going to bookmark this page.. I so agree with you tht we don't use these punches to the fullest.. a border cut or a rosette at the max..
    Lovely post.. everything in a post.. loved it Indu..

    1. Thanks so much Priya. That's exactly why I decided to do this post. We just keep buying more n more stuff without using what we have to its optimum..

  2. I am so inspired by you.Thanks for sharing this brilliant tute.

  3. Very nice one Indira... Thank you for sharing.........

  4. Great post Indira..I agree with Priya, i have one MS punch n i use it very rarely n that too only for borders or rosette..thanks for sharing !!

  5. Very informative post Indira.....loved it

  6. Its such a fabulous post Indira ...Loved the info you have shared in detail about MS punches ..I just never realised how versatile these punches are there is so much we can do with just a border punch too !!

    1. Yes Hussena, we can actually do a lot more with our punches :)

  7. Lovely!! :) Am gonna bookmark this page too.. Very very informative post, Indira! :) Thanks for sharing...


  8. so creative .. gonna follow dis . thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas !!

  9. Thanks a million for sharing this post, the visuals make it so much easier!!

  10. wow!! Thanks for sharing this tute! Absolutely innovative uses of the MS punches!


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