Saturday 23 March 2013

Lulupu Birthday Like 'N Win Facebook Photo Contest

What's up crafters? Having fun with our contests? We bet you are!! And you know what, we are having just as much fun as you guys because it is CONTAGIOUS! The enthusiasm you guys are showing in participation is more than enough to let us know that everyone on board is having a great time. So thank you all for that! It has been a fun month here at Lulupu! :)

But wait! Is the fun over yet? Nooo! It definitely isn't. There is just one more contest that we have up our sleeves with one more chance for one of you Crafty Cats out there to win some goodies.

Before we move on to our latest contest, let us refresh our memories and see which contests are still running where you have a chance to win a prize.
  1. March 2013 Challenge - Our Monthly Challenge; this month's theme being 'Inspired' Celebration themed cards. You have till the end of the month to enter. One winner and Top 3 entries will be selected as usual. You know the drill, so we won't be going into many details there.
  2. Birthday Bash Contest - This is on Facebook. All you have to do is share the picture on your blog and leave a comment on our Facebook page and share the picture. There's still time for you to do that if you haven't already.
  3. Crafty Quiz Contest - This is still running and you can enter this contest till Tuesday midnight (26th March.)
The winners of the contests will be announced together on 31st March and the winners of the Monthly Challenge on 2nd of April. 

Now for this new contest! If you have enjoyed participating at the Lulupu Challenges throughout the year then we have yet another chance for you to win. 

We are having a Photo Contest on our Facebook Page. All you have to do is upload a picture of your project directly to the Contest page here and the photo with the maximum 'Likes' (rather, votes :P) wins the Contest. Simple, eh?

Here are the rules:
  1. Since it's our Birthday month, we are inviting all cards with a birthday theme. They can be old cards or you can create new ones. Just make sure they're cards only (not scrapbook pages, boxes, etc.) and are made for birthdays.
  2. You have to upload your picture with a link to the blog post with the card. You can upload the picture directly on Facebook, here.
  3. Invite your friends to vote for you. Voting closes on 30th March, 2013. So the earlier you upload the picture, the more time you have to invite your friends and ask them to vote for you.
  4. The photo with the maximum likes (votes) wins the Contest.
  5. Only one entry per person will be allowed. So make sure you enter your best card for this! :)
What's the prize?
The winner gets a DCVW 12x12 stack of their choice! Yum! :)

The page is active already! So head on over there to enter and vote and win this thing!

Cheers! And All the Best!

Team Lulupu! :)


  1. wow!
    eneterd into it
    and yes thanks LULUPU for the wonderful set of stamps and inkpads.... i got d gift today...

  2. Wow, Karuna! So many contests and giveaways..
    Thank you so much for your generosity!

    Its so much fun :)


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