Friday 22 March 2013

How To: Magazine Style File Holder

Hi Friends!

Its Snehal here. I hope you are having fun with us this month since the birthday festivities are on at Lulupu. Do check out our latest Crafty Quiz Contest. Am sure it will get you cracking and its on till 27th March only.

I am sharing a pictorial tutorial  for making this magazine style file holder.There are many video / pictorial tutorials available on the net for this with different measurements.I found this size the best since it works for me to organize my stamp sets.

Here is the tutorial.hope you find it helpful.

List of supplies used.

Hope you try this one.Its easy peasy isn't it?
Thanks for passing by.


  1. beautiful!!thanks for tute.

  2. This is great project Snehal! I had made one using some cartons but never tried making it from scratch. I guess I should now :)

  3. I just love this holder so much Snehal !! its such a fabulous idea !! ...I really needed something like this to organise my stamps as well ..Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial.....your Magazine style stamp holder looks so beautiful :) definitely would add that little something to any craft space !!

  4. Great idea Snehal.Would never have thought that I could make one for stanps too.Yours looks pretty.Thanks for sharing.


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