Wednesday 20 March 2013

Lulupu Birthday Crafty Quiz Contest!

What's up crafters? Birthday celebrations are still on here and we have something awesome planned for you this week. But before we forget, have you participated in our Guess 'N Win Contest that closes tonight??? You have till midnight to submit your entries and remember, TWO winners will be chosen randomly. So if all your answers are right, you have just as good a chance as anyone else to win some awesome goodies.

And now for this week's contest. Let us put your crafting knowledge to test and also see how much you know about your favourite Indian Craft Store - Lulupu - The Craft Lounge. :)

How To Play?

  1. We have a few questions for you to answer. A random winner will be chosen from those who answer ALL questions correctly. The answers you submit will be recorded online, so don't forget to enter to your name so that we can identify you in case you win the contest! :)
  2. You must be a follower on our Blog and LIKE our FB Page and if possible do spread the word. 
  3. Leave a comment once you have submitted your answers.
  4. And we have a request.. Please DON'T post any answers or hints in the comments. We want this to be fun and fair to everyone!

Have fun and good luck!!! :)

PS: since you mentioned that the last one was easy we hope you have fun cracking this one!

This contest is now closed and we are no longer accepting responses. 


  1. Had fun guessing the answers!...And now just having my finger's crossed! :)

  2. Nice Contest ..just finished guessing it !!

  3. Awesome contest,... its was a great fun... esp the missing letter.... :)

  4. It was fun...thanks for this contest :))

  5. I too enjoyed this contest :) It reminded me of how much I used to love filling in the blanks questions!!

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  7. good stuff - enjoyed the questionnaire completely :)

  8. thnx fr d contest...had fun especially the missing letter part..;)

  9. phewww....such a fun contest.....very interesting....completed all successfully except one in fill in d blanks...thanx for d chance.

  10. wow.....Thanks for such a fantastic and exciting contest !
    Keeping my fingers crossed !!

    Happy 1st Birthday Lulupu...once again !!

  11. Congratulations on completing one year, its very interesting and searched for most of them and learnt about them . It was tough for me.

  12. OMG...!!! Done guessing... I hope I got all of them correct..!!!

    It was fun


  13. Made my guesses. Hope they are right!

    Thanks for such a fun challenge.


    1. Hi Vithya.. Can you share your e-mail address with us? Thanks! You can send an e-mail at and we will get in touch with you. :)

  14. So much fun.I am sure I have got one wrong.don;t know about the of luck to everybody.Love these games.

  15. done with too much struggle of finding ,thanks for lovely exam it.


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