Friday 28 October 2016

Detachable Mini Album with pictorial


Chirali this side. All must be busy with Diwali preparations. Happy Diwali in advance. :) Today I am here with a brand new tutorial. So bored with the traditional type of albums? Then all you need is this post. It's a Detachable Mini Album in which you will be able to change your inside of an album.

Have a look to the outer side:

Here we go:

Take three milboard pieces, two measuring 4 1/8*6 1/8 and one of 1 1/2*4 1/8 to make an album cover. Then cut the corners, score at the edges and adhere them with tacky tape. Cover the rest portion with 13*3 sheet and cover is ready.

Now, prepare a box frame of 4*6*1 1/2 which will result in an inside space of 3*5. Detailed tutorial of such frame is here (when I was a Spotlight Designer :)).

 Take a strong magnetic sheet or magnets now and settle them on right side of album cover inside and back side of the frame, as shown in photo. Cover back of the frame with black paper.

As we have 3*5 space in frame, we will make an album measuring 2 3/4*4 3/4. Cut five pages of 2 3/4*4 3/4 and 4 stripes of 2 3/4*1 1/4. Score the stripes at 1/2 and 3/4 and adhere 1/2 portion to the pages which will result in 1/4 space in between the pages. Take a stripe of 2 3/4*3 to cover spine.

So we are ready with the base. Start embellishing it. Here is mine:

Frame detached and stand attached backside.

Pages when album tied to cover with ribbons.

I am in love with this paper pack. I can't get rid of it, so refreshing and colorful.

I prepared a magnetic stand to keep the box frame stand after pulling out from an album and a magnetic page to put as a last page of an album once we take out a box frame. And added ribbons in album to tie them with the cover when we don't want frame inside. A bit confusing? Then I am posting a video to remove all the confusions.

So that is it for the day. Hope you enjoyed the post. Shower some love with your comments and queries are always welcomed. :)

Thank you,
Chirali. :)

Supplies used:
1. Golden Moment - Penny Black


  1. Wow! It's Awesome! Love this unique album and thanks for sharing the video, it made it more interesting!

  2. This is so awesome Chirali :) loved watching the video.!! Looked so magical :) <3


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