Saturday 11 July 2015

Cake Shaped Birthday Album + Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

This is Manu here and I'm sure that this months theme is keeping you up on the toes and is making you think out of the box for some new creations!!! This month is all about exploring the crafty space for anything but-square-and-rectangle(of course, only  cards, mini's and tags) and is the perfect time to bring out those ideas and make something different than the usual.  Here's the complete listing of this months challenge rules and guidelines

Here's my take on this months challenge. I had been thinking of making a 1st birthday album for my little one and what more could I ask for than this awesome theme. I made a Cake shaped album for her. I had been kinda delaying this project since I wanted a really different style for her Birthday album, and this months theme made me do it!!! *Happy Dance*

I also have a picture tutorial for making this one, so you might sit back, relax and read on!

Here's what I made for my little one's First Birthday memories.

Well, I love the way this one turned out to be and there are soo many elements that I love love love in this album and to my utter joy, my baby loved this one and gave me a huge grin when she took this album in her hands!! So worth the wait!!!

Here's the step by step tutorial on how I made this album!
Since I did not had any dimensions or any idea, I just make up my own dimensions and decided how big I wanted this album to be. The specifications I took are detailed below.

1.  I first measured out the dimensions of each page (there are 4 pages) depending on how big and wide I wanted the album to be. 
Each page measures 5*9, 7*7, 9*9 and 11*9 resp. I did a rough paper draft first before I began to work on my chipboard album.  You can also make it as per your measurements and required size!

Here are the pics (click on the pics for a larger image)

Once I was happy with my design on paper, I then used the same on a thick and sturdy cardboard and then cutted my design out. I taped some Washi tape onto the edges to get a neat look. Lulupu store has an amazing stock of Washi tapes and you can all grab them when the store opens back up!

So here's my album before I starts embellishing it!

2. Once this was done, I did that one part we all love... choosing the right papers and embellishing it.Cut out the pattern papers a little smaller (less than 1mm) than the actual dimensions of each page.

Here's how my album turned out to be. 

I have used some bright and chirpy papers from the DCWV packs (Lulupu store has some amazing paper collection, you can check it out here

 I loved making that cuke cake with ribbons and laces. and totally adore those square alphabet beads!! they make an awesome way to make names and like. 

 This is the inner page and it's all done up to put in pictures and also have tags to write down the messages.  Each message insert is stamped with some nice quotes (mostly Technique tuesday stamps, I love these stamps of their calligraphy!)

 This page has an interactive element (which you can see opened up in the next picture) 

 This space is to keep up all those pics with the family members.. 

Ohhh yes, birthday's are fun with wishes.. so a little wish corner for my baby !!! 
I have lots of pictures of her birthday and maybe I might add up pages in between later on. But I totally loved the outcome and can't stop watching it over and over again! (well that makes someone else happy too as I actually did progress a little )

I hope you all liked my shaped album and don't forget to participate in this months challenge. You can find all the rules and guidelines here
Do gimme a review on how you find this album to be! (I love it, tell me you do tooo,  *wink)

Products used from the store

Happy Crafting!


  1. Manu this is such a cute album!

  2. Loved this cake shaped album Manu. The bright colors, the stamping :) This would make a such a lovely memory for someone!


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