Monday, 29 July 2013

Product Review: The Envelope Maker!

Hey everyone..

Pratiksha here today. Its a Product review time. So i thought how about a little tute on latest product at

Its the best buy that I've ever made after I purchased my big shot!!

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Ofcourse one can make envelopes with scoreboards as well, but this one makes life sooooo easy! Trust me! Because it also does the punching saving you time on cutting the corners! :) All you have to do is simply choose the size of the envelope you want from the sizes listed on the board itself and simply trim your paper down to the measurements mentioned. Then rotate and punch at the measurement and score and thats it!

STEP1: Gather your supplies- paper, some adhesive, and the board :)

STEP 2: Using the grid mentioned, place your sheet at the specific measurement and punch, then score.

STEP 3: Rotate your sheet and then align your score line with the little blue line at the centre.

STEP 4: Repeat for all four sides 

STEP 5: Place your corners at the back of the punch (its a corner rounder as well!)

STEP 6: Fold your scored lines and glue! 

Like i said.. Easy! :)


1. Make sure that you align your first measurement accurately or you will have a wonky envelope.
2. Same goes for aligning the score lines with the blue tip.
3. The bone folder is best used at 45' angle else it might pierce your paper.
4. Although it works with most papers, very thick papers may not punch cleanly.

I also love the fact that the bone folder is within the board itself hence no fear of losing it! And also that the inbuilt corner rounder is so convenient!! It rounds almost all my papers.. :)

Here is how I used my envelopes. I've used memory box dies on all of them. Aren't they beautiful? Clean cut lines with beautiful shapes! Check them out at the Lulupu store here!

Don't forget to take part in this month's challenge Colour crush-twist use dies. Its great fun and what lovely colours to work with! :)




  1. it is in my wish list you are tempting Pratiksha

    1. Oh u must get this if u havent already shylashree! :) its super cool!

  2. I didn't know it made things this easy... And Shylashree is right... You have tempted me to buy this too.. Thank you for this :D :D

  3. thanks for the tutorial!! I'm so exited for this new tool!


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