Friday 19 July 2013

Memory Box + Bonus Inspiration!!

Good morning crafters!! (Although, I am guessing it might already be after noon by the time I am done posting :P)

Nikita here and today, I am going to talk about Memory Box Dies that are available in abundance at the Lulupu Store. They are unique and their designs are so amazing that they easily manage to make the most simplest of projects, awesome with just a die cut added in the mix. And as this month's challenge requires you to add a die cut to your project, I'm hoping it will be helpful. :)

Most of these little cute dies are very very delicate. But don't be fooled by how petite they are. These dies are made of steel and are very very sturdy and strong. But I cannot say the same about the die cuts, though. You see, once you run the card stock through any die-cutting machine, even though the dies are strong, the resultant piece is slightly fragile and mostly stuck inside the die. But there's a solution for that as well. These dies, have tiny holes in them that allow you to push the card stock out using a pin or a really fine tweezer.

I hope the little holes are visible. If not, click on the picture so that you can see a bigger version. I'm sure they'll be visible then. :)
Once you've pushed the die cut out of the die, use tweezers to push or pull out the parts that you don't need and your die cut is ready to use. :)

So here's what I made. As I was planning to use the cycle die, I wanted a card that said "Life is a Beautiful Journey with You" but I couldn't find stamps that said that. I had trouble with my computer so I couldn't print the sentiment out. So I decided to use one of the Patterened Papers from my DT kit (why didn't I look there in the first place??)

I found this 6x6 Paper from the Year-O-Graphy Paper Pad. But even that only said "Life is a Journey." 

Now even though that was good enough, I am all for making cards that I can actually use or give to someone. How do you give a card that just says 'Life is a Journey' without someone asking, "Yeah, I know. So what about it?" So I decided to add something to it. You're going to love what I did with this! :D

I cut out the part of the patterned paper I needed, and decided to play a little with stamps. I just needed to add the words "beautiful' and 'with you.' I had the word 'beautiful' but I couldn't find a stamp that said 'with you.' But I had stamps that said...(luckily in the same font)

So I masked the word 'sympathy' on the first stamp using a post-it note and the word 'miss' on the other one.

I then inked the stamps with Rich Cocoa and then took the post-it off. This meant that only the part not covered with the post-it, would now be inked. And then, all I had to do was stamp and embellish!!! :D

Here's what the final card looks like..

I decided to keep the card in browns, beige and white. I felt it looked very elegant. So I used minimal embellishments and loved how the end result, even though simple, was really much better than I expected it to be. :)

If you haven't tried a Memory Box Die yet, I would suggest you do, because I went crazy when I saw the designs!! They are soo cute!! 

Here's the list of products used to make this card...

And now, for the bonus card. :D :D Now I will not lie, I did not make this card specifically for this challenge, but I made this one day before the challenge went live and had I realised that it fit the challenge completely, I would have launched the challenge with this, instead of making a new project altogether. :P

But doesn't matter. I get to share this with you now.. :) I'm sure you already know that this month's challenge requires you to use the colours from the Lulupu Logo and use dies in your card. So here's the card that I made for a friend's Dad's birthday that goes perfectly with the above rules.

So! There you have it! Another project to inspire you to use the colours from the Lulupu Logo and dies on your project. Please remember that you are free to make a CARD or LAYOUT for this month's challenge. But please stick to the colours on the logo and use dies! That's all! :)

Here's the list of products used to make this card...

I hope there was something useful for you in this. :P

Have a nice day guys!! One of our brilliant DT members will be up next in a day or two to share something awesome. So keep a look out here..

Nikita.. :) 


  1. Great ideas.Love the idea of using the cutout from paper and masking stamps.cute card too.

  2. Nikita..... Jus love love ur bicycle card, sooo sweet n elegant as well. Lovely play with the sentiment. N the second one, fab quilling, so neat. Thanks for the ideas. Keep it coming girl.

  3. I loved both the cards Nikita ! The bicycle card is wonderfully elegant and quilling on second one is beautiful !

  4. What a great solution for your "problem"! Such a good idea to match different stamp this way. Cute card, white and brown are a nice match! Thanks for your nice comment on my washi-card!


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