Monday, 23 September 2013

Memory Box Card Tutorial

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Hope you had a super cool weekend.... Mine was relaxing and good...

'Fancy Me' is this months fortnight's Lulupu's Challenge #17. Like most of you I feel I  really I don't follow any particular style as such,  love to try all the styles in card making and stamping... So thought of making it in a style which fancies me currently.... My recent craze is on Accordion Cards and Mini albums after i i was totally inpired by this idea by Erum from Her work it totally awesome and so very inspirational. I drew my idea from her and combined it and made a Memory Box card as i call it.

Here it is.... The Memory Box Card, Measuring 5"x4.5"x0.75".  I started it by making the base box with just one 12x12 card stock and I am also showing you how I made the base box with the measurements. I Picked Glitz Uncharted Water paper pad for this, its such a lovely set of designer papers. I selected 4-5 sheets from the paper pad and trimmed some 0.4" strips and randomly glued it in a CS and used it for my outer cover... you can use your scrap papers too ,you ll get a amazing design to add in your projects..

I embellished the front cover with some flowers, distress glittered hearts and epoxy sentiment. The sentiment says "You Are". And all the closures I have magnetized used Basic Grey Magnetic Snaps.


Here is the place to fill with memories. I made 4"x4" accordion pages and adhered some PP from the same collection and I also used Technique Tuesday Incredible Stamp set for my project, heat embossed in the alternative pages in the accordions.

Distress Inked All the edges with Antique Linen.

And a small Tute!! Cant say it a tutorial, jus showing you the measurements i used. 

Pick your Score Board and a 12x12 Card Stock and Score at the following measurements

Score at - 2.75"-3.5"-8.5"-9.25"
Turn the Sheet and
Score at - 3"-3.75"-8.25"-9"

Cut/Trim at Red lines (Ref below)

Fold and Crease it well. And you are Done. 

I have distress inked the edges and as mentioned earlier I have magnetized the closures and if you opt to magnetize it do it before you layer the pattern papers so it is hidden :) 

Here are the measurements for scoring and cutting. Hope this will make it clear for you. 

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  1. I loved memory box card a lot !!Thanks a lot for sharing !

  2. Wow........i would definitly like to give a try

  3. Defenitely trying it...thanks for sharing.

  4. Replies
    1. the you cut is from my digital die cutting machine. but there is a similar die from simon says stamp die.

  5. Thanks for the fabulous tutorial :)

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