Sunday 26 May 2013

How To: Use your PP Scraps

Hello Peeps!! How has your Sunday been so far?? My patience was being tested by YouTube since morning while trying to upload the video for this post.. Hence the delay.. But it's alright... The video is finally up and I am here to talk about two things.

1. We are finally announcing the Winner for our 200 Blog Followers Giveaway. And the winner is.... 
#24 - Bendy Minds Achu!! Congratulations!!! Please contact us at within 48 hours to claim your prize.

2. What the hell do we do with these Patterned Paper scraps? :P

I'm sure we're all sailing in the same boat when it comes to this, because the size in which the manufacturers sell the PPs and the size of our actual cards are never the same. And this invariably leads to scrap pieces of beautiful papers that we don't know what to do with. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you might cut out a 3x4 piece from a 6x6 paper and that leaves enough paper to cut out at least one other 3x4 piece and still leave a 2x6 strip.  

But what do you do when you're layering the PP on the card and use up 41/4 x 51/2 of the paper? Or, if you've used up a major portion of the sheet to paper-piece and the leftover paper has no real shape as such. Now THAT, is a huge problem especially if you're someone like me and you love every single piece of those pretty papers with all your heart, because let me tell you, I can't imagine throwing them away. So if you are indeed sailing in the same boat and have accumulated a whole bunch of scrap pieces of patterned paper, you might love this. Okay, maybe that was pushing it a little, let's say you might find this interesting. :)

First of all, it is very important to save every little piece of those beauties for the future. Do not waste even a quarter of an inch. Next, categorise the pieces based on size into small, medium and large. This will help you decide how you can use the pieces. You can further categorise them based on colour, pattern and style, but that's not essential here. 

Large pieces will be those that can be used entirely on a card. Small pieces will be those that you will want to throw away because it doesn't seem like it'll be of much use (but it is,) whereas Medium pieces will be anything and everything in between.

Today I have five cards for you and each one has been made using scrap pieces of Patterned Papers only! I also have a video showing you how I made these (with my thought process and special comments :P in the subtitles.) 

Here are the cards...

Card #1 - Make your own Chevrons {I first saw the tutorial for the Chevron here.}

Card #2 - Using Punches/Dies on Scraps

Card #3 - Using Negative Space & Making a Collage

A closer look at the Collage
Card #4 - Paper piecing small scrap pieces

And the next one, is an old card (therefore not in the video).. But I love it!! :)
Card #5 - Make Banners out of small PP scraps
A closer look at the Banners...

Take a look at the video :)

Products Used:

Assorted PP Scraps and

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Sunday!

Nikita.. :)


  1. Fabulous post.Thanks for sharing your tips.Off to watch the vid.Congrats to the winner.

  2. goo one. on the third card it would be perfect if that scrap lining wont show up thru the latters.

  3. smart post. all the cards are lovely. my fav is the tree. thanks for sharing


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