Thursday 15 March 2012

Presenting.... "Scor Pal"

Hey There

I always thought I could carry on forever with my ruler and the non-sharp side of my scissors to cater to my score and fold needs… 

But only till I laid my hands on this wonder product called ‘Scor Pal’. Well, honestly I must admit that owning one of these beauties has been on my agenda forever but probably stamps and punches always took over my greed J

It was this birthday that my awesome bunch of craft friends gifted me a Scor Pal… and oh boy, could I be more addicted. Honestly, I am a little in awe of this product and have even wondered what was I doing without it till now!!!

Scor Pal has become my must have tool in my craft kitty. It’s super slim and lightweight. It’s very very handy!!!

Comes with an Instruction manual and a self secured bone folder.

The 12" x 12" size of the board enables any size of the paper to fit in comfortably…. A must have feature for making envelopes and boxes, else you have to keep adjusting the paper to fit into the groves!!!

Before the Scor Pal, I usually had a tough time scoring thicker card stocks as it would leave me with cracked seams… Not any more!!! Scor pal leaves you with absolutely professionally crisp lines.

The score lines are ample with marking at every 1/8”, ¼”, ½”, 1” and in between markings too… The lines are deep and wide enough for the folder to fit in snugly. 

Also, if you are an absent minded crafter like me, there’s no way you can misplace your bone folder now in the huge heap of crafty mess on your table J… 

The board has a built in space to hold the bone folder in place. Also the bone folder easily pops out with the push of a button so that you don’t have to dig your fingers into the holder groping around for the folder…  

It’s shape ensures a comfortable hand grip and it glides through those groves on the board very smoothly.

Another fun thing that I discovered by accident recently(this is what happens when u read the manual ;p) was that the top header of the Scor pal has a magnetic are to hold onto metal objects like your teeny weeny embellishments, etc thereby preventing them from getting misplaced. 

Now, isn’t that clever!!!

Here'a fun versatile Grid Background i created with the Scor Pal... it was so super quick and easy with no intricate measuring required.

Here are some projects i created using the Scor Pal: Click Here, Here and Here.

The packaging says, it’s a ‘Paper Crafter’s Dream Tool’… it truly is one!!! 

Getting those crisp lines, making envelopes, boxes and other 3D stuff could never get easier than this…

Just don’t think much… go ahead and grab one for yourself… you will most definitely never regret this one purchase.  

It’s money well spent!!!

I just love my Scor Pal and I am sure you will too J

If You want one fr you, head over to the Lulupu Sore for this and many more mouth watering products.

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  1. I am so glad you liked your birthday gift... And great review Shalini!!

  2. Now this is a fab review...Love your projects...always in awe of I know your secret! (WINK WINK)

  3. Glad that u r using ur Scor Pal to the fullest! truly its a must have tool :D The review is fantastic and very useful for anyone looking for a better and quicker way to scor and make neat lines ;)

  4. Fab review...I also absolutely adore my Scor pal.makes life easier.

  5. I totally agree with you Shalini the scorpal is a dream tool!


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