Monday 5 March 2012

Flower Tutorial (Distressed) - 1

Hello peepz!

I am Shruti here.. and I welcome you all to a dazzling beginning here at Lulupu with my first exclusive project and tutorial.

Before which, let me introduce myself. I am Shruti. Some may know me as the Krafty Artist from my blog. I have been crafting for over a year now. I began with scrapbooking until I discovered my love for card making. Punch craft and distressing are few of my favorite techniques!!
It is amazing how craft connects people in so many ways and I feel only blessed to have found an awesome bunch of friends through this hobby. When Karuna offered me to be a part of her journey to make her dream come true.. I was only overwhelmed with joy to join hands with her along with Khush, Tejal, Shalini, Nikita and Snehal... together fondly known as the Lulupus..

After all the deadly cards Tejal and Nikita have showcased here, I sure had a tough time keep up the standard. Anyhoo, what I have for you here, today, is an easy distressed flower making tutorial. I am a sucker for handmade flowers and therefore am always in a look out for new and better flower making techniques.. :) So all you handmade-flower-obsessed-maniacs like me.. just stay tuned to this blog.. for I may just spill all the little tips and tricks I have up my kitty, eventually. *winks*

I had a lot of fun making this card with my new distress inks. I hope you guys enjoy it too..

So.. here we go!!

Tools required: 3 different sized daisy punches. Distress ink, I've used Wild Honey here, a sponge and some pearls and glue.

Punch out 3 daises of each size respectively. You may use more than 3 punch outs if you want depending on how thick you want to make the flower look.

Now.. use your sponge applicator to distress the flower punch outs. I've distressed the petals darker as compared to the rest of the body to give it some depth.

Similarly, distress all the flowers punched out.

Now, place the flowers upside down on a mouse-pad, or a similar surface. Now push the flower out evenly on to the mouse pad using an embossing tool or a pen with a round bottom, like I've used here.

The flower should look something like this.

Repeat the step on all the flower punch outs.

Now turn the flowers with the distressed sides facing upwards and push the center of the flower down to give it a perfect bloom look.

Repeat the step on all the other flower punch outs.

Pinch the petals of only the biggest flower punch outs, like I am doing here in the picture. (optional)

Now its time to put together the flower punch outs. Stack the layers in order of size with the biggest one on the bottom, and adhere the layers to each other with glue.

Glue them all together.

Stick a little pearl or a stone in the center and Voila!! There you have it. A beautiful distressed flower.

Make it whichever color you like the best. :)

I hope you like my this little tutorial.

TIP: The thicker the card stock the better the flower will turn out to be. ;)

Products used: Pattern Paper- Picket Fence (For the Record Double Sided cardstock)
Card stock: Fabriano (Black for base) (Blue and Yellow for punch craft)
Glitter: Locally bought black glitter powder
Pearls: Locally bought
Inks: Wild Honey Distress ink, Broken China Distress ink, Fried Brick Distress ink, Versa Craft black ink
Glue: Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and we will make sure we answer them :)

The Lulu Pooh's have a lot of beautiful projects lined up for the rest of the month so don't forget to visit and spread a word about the blog. :)

See you next time!



  1. Wooo! this is an amazing tutorial :) Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Hey such a cool card and thanks for sharing the tutorial to those gorgeous blooms.I am a sucker for handmade flowers as well but hardly own any punches .These are def on my wish list now.And thanks for the picture tutorial.i am getting all nervous for my post coz I have never made a tutorial and I think I am pretty bad at it

  3. Smashing tute girlie...Love how the flowers have such a fabulous look to your words..totally suppak!! :)
    Looob the card....

  4. Such a gorgeous card Shruti and thank you so much for the amazing tutorial...those flowers look so beautiful...i think i don't have the largest punch otherwise i would have loved to give this a try!!!
    PS: could you please remove the word verification...its really so annoying!!!

  5. These are super Gorgeous!!! thanks for the lovely tutorial for all our fans and bloggers :)

  6. Lovely flowers Shruti ...thanks for sharing the tutorial

  7. Awesome tutorial !Great going shruti !

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  10. My oh my!! Is it that simple??? It looks like it'd be so difficult to make!!! Thanks for letting your secret out. I'm thinking about using this technique soon!! Looks fab!!

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  15. hello shruti !
    this is one fab tutorial ..
    i m gonna try this very soon .. i never knew it was so simple !!

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