Tuesday 20 September 2016

Acrylic Mini Album with tutorial


Chirali here with a brand new post on mini album. It is completely different kind of mini album, an Acrylic Mini Album. As the name says, the base is made of an acrylic. It was super fun making this one. You will definitely love to try this.

Here it is:

So let's start with it.

I got an acrylic sheet  from local stationary which is huge in size but a good thing is it can be cut with cutter, a little bit harder you need to be than normal. I cut them in 4 pieces measuring 4.5"x4" inches and 2 pieces in 4.5"x3", made 3 holes on each (2 holes in 4.5"x3" piece) at same distance for binding with rings. I found only this binding preferable for acrylic sheet as it is not bendable easily.

Now rounding of the corners was a tough task for me. I thought envelop punch board will do but it just left a small mark with a deep cut in the middle.

So I cut the corners in this shape with scissors, of course not with that level finishing. But to smoothen the corners, I used sand paper and it's almost done. Here is the final base:

Note that this sheet comes with plastic coating on both the sides so before removing them, make sure you are done with everything on the base otherwise it will leave you ending up with scratches on the sheet and it won't be that transparent.

Now, it's time to prepare pages. One can not go with the flow of normal album in this case because working on acrylic directly may result in scratch or glue on acrylic. So I prepared pages first and then adhered them. 

Again, the best thing about this album is the best use of double sided patterned papers. You need to stick them on one side only. I always feel waste of one side so a treat for me. ;)

And the last thing which made me the happiest was you can emboss on this and it looks so damn beautiful on both the sides.

So here are some more photos of album with some photos of inside pages and the video is there for detailed pages with how I did it because it would be easier to understand.

And here is detailed video of it:

I hope you enjoyed the whole post.

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Chirali. :)

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  1. This s a beautiful idea :) the whole project , use of papers and colours look lovely :) great stuff '

  2. Lovely idea and a super creation!!

  3. Superb acrylic album with wonderful papers!


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