Friday, 17 April 2015

Altered Magazine holder : Traditional and modern - A tasteful blend!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope this months theme is keeping you all busy with those vibrant watercolors!!! I'm so delighted to find you all enjoying the same and participating in our this months challenge. 

Checkout the details about this months challenge 

My post today is of something which is not very directly related to this months theme, but a little(just the painting part). I always love making something for my home, which I do rarely because of a lotta reasons, *sigh* and which I hope to do more in the future. 

This  post is all about balancing the newer techniques of Mixed media with the traditional Indian paintings being the focal point. Mughal Era- everything about that time is so rustic and enchanting that I had to do this absolutely (another reason for doing that was the switch to seeing the 'Akbar-Birbal' show on the TV). While my husband was soo intrigued about what would happen next, I kept on looking at the large than life paintings behind the actors and that's where the inspiration came (and many more are pouring in too)!!! 

I had this magazine holder and I wanted a very rustic yet filled with elegance look, and my usual floral style was a complete NO NO here! So after staring at it for days, the TV show gave me the aha-click moment I needed and here's what I converted it into (Well we craftsers, can get that inspiration from anywhere, right *wink wink*)

Tada.. here's my altered mixed media magazine holder.

I painted my holder with a green coat and a peacock blue coat about and once dried, I did a little sanding on the complete holder, so that the green color below popped up at a few place. 
I finally zeroed it down on making the queen first and since there's a back side, the king will follow soon !!! Well, drawing the queen's face was the most difficult part and it took me 4 attempts to get the right one, once I was happy with the way it turned out, I then coloured it and that part was soo much fun! I'm in awe that these people wore soo many precious jewels, and that too all day long !  Once the queen was done, I cut the silhouette, and did some painting on the magazine holder and made a few lotus flowers, didn't wanted them to be very perfect. I also used this awesome stencil which was kinda apt for a little  Zharokha to be made at one corner. 
The queen was then stuck to the holder with a generous coat of Mod Podge at both the sides. I also used some charcoal pencil to give a little shading at the outline of the queen's silhouette to make it blend with the surrounding color and voila, I'm done!

Here's a closeup of the pretty lady in all her glory (and those jewels *wink*)!

I hope you all liked my altered magazine holder and would love to get back to painting too!!! Painting is soo much fun and yes, for me, it give me immense happiness and I'm a lot relaxed when I do it!!! Do remember to participate here.

And here are what we have in store for the winner for this challenge (the prize has also been updated in the first post of this month)

The links to the products in the store has been given below

Happy Crafting !

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Guest Designer : Shireen Boddapati - Watercolor Cards

Hello Everyone!

I Loved the theme for this months challenge and I hope that you are having a blast creating with watercolors too! All the details about this months Watercolor challenge can be found here

We have Shireen as our Guest Designer this month and She has been seen in the lulupu challenges for a long time now and has bowled us with her wonderful creations. Lets check out a little more about her and then head over to see the inspiration she has made for us.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
" Jack of all trades", This line describes me best! As I am outgoing colorful fun loving person who loves to enjoy every moment of life and make the best of it! Well a little more about me, My home town is the orange city Nagpur. I am a Biotech Engineer and did PG in Clinical Research Yes! Science is my another Love apart from crafting. Currently married and settled in Hyderabad. Was working but decided to quit job as soon as I conceived my adorable little boy and now I am a stay at home mommy fully dedicated to this wonderful role of motherhood, also balancing time with my passion for crafts.

2. How did you become interested in crafts and what inspired you to start blogging?
I would say I am crafting all my life right from childhood anything DIY creative projects would grab my interest. Serious crafting began a year ago and it inspired me to go ahead and start a blog, a facebook page for my creations and participate in blog challenges. I am just growing day by day and totally loving it! I'm also a part of Design Team for Crafters Cafe Blog.

3. What are some of your "go-to" supplies for crafting?
Cardstocks, pattern papers, inks, scoreboard and trimmer, stamps, ribbons and laces etc the list is endless for any passionate crafter ;)

4. What is your favorite crafting technique?

5. How would you describe your crafting style?
I don't wish to repeat my projects I push my limits and always come up with something new each time! Hence I have no apt word to describe my style.

6. How long have you been crafting? 

I have become a serious crafter since last year, I happened to do some projects as a hobby and posted it on facebook for friends to see then received immense appreciation and encouragement from everyone! Since then no looking back and here I am on a platform like LULUPU to share my story! WOW!

7. My signature style?
The use of ribbons, I just cant get my hands off them ;)

8. Who are some of your influences? Who has been your inspiration?
INDIA:  Aola creations by Mallika, Anita Kejriwal, Hussena Calcuttawala, Kavitha from Bits n pieces.
Abroad: Handmade by Odette, Tim Hotlz, and I keep bumping into blogs of many crafters who do wonderful projects.

9. When not crafting , what keeps you busy?
My son Medhansh, cooking is my another passion, I find it like crafting!  ( Don't be surprised! I described earlier that I am a JAck of all trades lol )

10. What are you currently working on?
A huge two part scrapbook album which begins with pregnancy journey, covers birth and the first year of a baby boy on its way!

Thank you Shireen, it was nice knowing more about you. Lets checkout the what Shireen has in store for us.

"Watercolors", The first memory that I associate with this word is childhood. Watercolors were the first medium through which most of us during our childhood played with our creative sides and discovered an affinity towards it! What a wonderful theme for this month's challenge, the ideas are limitless when it comes to watercolors.

This is my inspiration for you all:

This is a simple and sweet card, Please find below the method I used to create it:

Step 1. Take a thick textured white cardstock.

Step 2:  Chose your medium of water color, You can use the traditional ones or distress inks or colorpeps. I chose MAPED Aqua Colorpeps. These are nothing but color pencils , with a stroke of wet paint brush they turn into water colors. Amazing, time saving long lasting easy method !

Step 3: Just draw your desired design with the colorpeps, use a paint brush dipped in clean water and gently stroke on the design as shown in the pic below.

Step 4: Embellish your card with a sentiment like here I heat embossed ," Happy Birthday" with gold embossing powder. A ribbon and some rhinsetones. Tadaa! Its done

Simple isnt it? You can tag along your little loved ones and create such simple cards.

Below is another inspiration:

For this card, I randomly designed with the colorpeps in the background and then doodled over it with my Black Parker Pen. Stamp a sentiment, some embellishments and done! Another simple and fun method to try.

Thank you Lulupu for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a Guest Designer, I am overwhelmed and I hope I was able to justify the lovely chance given. I am excited, happy and thrilled to be featured here!

Thank you dear Lulupu addicts for reading my post, I hope you guys are #Inspired :)
Happy Crafting! Spread the wings of your imaginations !


Wow, the cards are really pretty and so easy to do!! I definitely want to try the doodled one!! So guys, grab those watercolors and get going!! Enter into the challenge here.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Watercoloring with Distress Inks & Gelatoes

Hello Everyone!!

 Dolly here and I welcome you all for another post on Watercolor cards. I hope you all are enjoying the lovely inspiration being shared by the team and trying out your creativity with Watercolors!
Also, we have a month long challenge going on for the same theme, you can read all about it in the below link: [Psst, did you know that you can link to a maximum of 10 challenges, including Lulupu]

Challenge 48 - Watercolors

Today I have a few cards which I will be sharing on watercolor techniques. I have been hooked to watercolors since the recent times, and its amazing to see what a small drop of water can do to your cards. So without any further delay.. Here I start:

1. For this card, which is super simple I just randomly painted a couple of spots on the watercolor paper with distress ink and stamped my image on top of it. For the backdrop, I sponged some distress and used a wet paint brush to spread the color. Easy peasy, aint it? You can use this technique for any image which has space for coloring inside.

2. This is the Bokeh effect which has been modified with a different stamp set. All you need to do is create your own background with different splash of colors on a watercolor piece of cardstock (any watercolor medium works for this - I have used distress inks). Once that is done, just take any block stamp and repeatedly stamp with with white ink. Thats it ! You have your own personalised 'Bokeh Effect'.

Another, similar card with the same technique but different stamp used!

3. This is one of my favorite watercolor technique so far! The 'No - line' water coloring. All you need is a very light ink to stamp the image. The best option is 'Antique linen' because its so light. To get the best effect, use a wet brush to color in the image with water (small sections at a time) and then drop small drop of color. The water does the rest of the trick. To get the soft shimmery back ground, I have used the silver gelato :) Isnt that pretty!! Just remember to paint a coat of water and then drop the colors.

Another close up! You can hardly see the outline :)

4. This card is another super simple and easy to create. All you need is to sponge your favorite colors on a piece of watercolor cardstock and mist the card with water. That does the trick to create a faux- watercolor look on the card! For my card, if you see carefully, you can see a stenciled background as well. All you need for that is any stencil of your choice spritzed with water and place that on the distressed cardstock. As we all know, water reacts with inks and creates this bleached look ! You can then stamp your choice of image/ sentiment in black ink! Voila, the card is ready!

5. Last but definitely not the least: a super simple card with gelatoes. For this card, I just used the gelato stick right on the cardstock and generously misted it water. I also used my fingers to spread the color and give that soft look. I used my blow dryer to dry the piece and then die cut the word on it, which was used as my shaker window!

A close up look for the gelatoes with watercolor background!

So, I hope I have been successful at inspiring you all to try out your watercolors ! Do let me know which card you liked the best :) Waiting to hear from all of you. Thanks for stopping by!


List of supplies used:

Friday, 10 April 2015

2 watercolour cards and a Tutorial

Hello friends,

Congratulations to all the winners from last month's challenge.
I hope we are able to inspire all our readers to join this month's challenge too
Lulupu Challenge #48

Cards are not really my forte and neither are watercolours, so I was nervous at first, but both turned out to be so addictive, couldn't stop once the ideas started flowing.

Today, I have two cards and pictorials to share. The first one is my favourite technique, that I use often on mixed media layouts while creating backgrounds. The same technique turned out quite good even on a card. The base is a watercolour paper, with embossing paste applied through a stencil. Before applying any colour, ensure the base is completely dry.
 Now starts the interesting part - dab some paint onto a piece of plastic - I've used the cover of a stamp set. Press the paint side down on the watercolour paper and lightly guide the paint with your fingers. After two applications, the card looked like picture 2. Start with a small dab of dilute paint and build up layers ensuring each layer dries completely unless you want the colours to mix. The speed at which you apply the plastic, the amount of paint and water will all give different splatter effects.
Then I used the same magenta paint but with lesser water, giving a more intense colour. Finally some light peach. The 'hello' is also painted with several coats of the same magenta colour.To finish off the card, I've used some thread and sequins and edged the card with dilute paint using a waterbrush.
After this card, I decided to be a little more adventurous and step outside my comfort zone and try something new - traditional watercolour painting. The base for my experiment this time is a piece of Prima patter paper with a light coat of gesso. If you don't gesso, paper will soak the paint and it wont spread. Once completely dry, I drew some macaroons (yummy) using watercolour pencils.

Then using a waterbrush, went over the drawing, like magic, the lines will melt into paint and start to spread wherever your brush goes. Its so easy to clean a waterbrush too, just touch the tip to a tissue till the colour soaks off, or brush it over a scrap paper a few times till all the paint runs out. After going over all the drawings, add some shading with the same colour paints and some splatters. My favourite part was painting the creamy macaroon fillings. To finish, I tried lettering with the thinnest brush I had - this was the most challenging part of the card. As you can see, the oo in the macaroons bled out, the base wasn't completely dry.

For all those watercolour beginners (and experts ��) out there, I hope you feel inspired to try the techniques shared by me and the other DT. There are many mediums you can use - paints, watercolour pencils, distress inks even gelatos and there is still plenty of time left to create and link your creation here.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Winners for Lulupu Birthday Bash Raffle and Games

Hello Friends

March has been an awesome month, not just because Lulupu turned 3 this month, but also because of the love and support we received for our Birthday Celebrations. We loved that you loved the challenge and I'm sure the fun element this time which happened to the games we had all month. 

Here we are with the post announcing the winners for the Raffle as well as the winners for the Games. Sorry for the delay in announcing the list of winners but the DT team has been working very hard with all the pending work and we wanted to ensure we are fair when we pick the winners :)

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who joined us ion the fun birthday month and participates with complete enthusiasm!

After keeping in account all the rules for the raffle we have a winner using from 28 entries linked on the blog!

Congrats to our winner for the Raffle -  no 18!

Next we come to the games! We had several entries where we picked a winner using and somewhere it was based on the which entry had the maximum correct answers.


Answers (total 30 brands):  

1.      Darshna Menon
2.      Hussena Calcuttawala
3.      Purvi Gadewar
4.      Halak Shah
5.      Vinita Jain
6.      Catherine Joseph
7.  Sucheta Paithankar
8.  Vidushi Saraf
9.  Saba Faisal
10.  Zalak Amrendra Kumar

Game#1 - Winner is Vinita Jain


1.      Purvi Gadewar
2.      vinita jain
3.      meeta bhalotia
4.      Hussena
5.      Catherine joseph
6.      Ujjwal Gupta
7.      sucheta paithankar
8.      Suman Pandit
9.      Zalak Amarendra Kumar
10.  Reusingwith Quilling
11.  riswana fathima
12.  Priyaz Creations
13.  vijaylaxmi siyal
14.  Megha Jain
15.  Dolly Sapra Arora

Game#2 -Winner is Zalak Amarendra Kumar


Answers: 1. - Mold for Mod Podge melts - Plaid, 2. Distressing tool - Prima, 3.MS circle edge punch - MS, 4. Cropadile - WRMK, 5. Gift Bag punch board - WRMK, 6. Sun Kissed Fleur Die - Heartfelt Creations, 7. Glossy Accents - Ranger, 8. Mod Podge Dimensional magic - Plaid, 9. Forever Green paper pack - Prima.

1.    Meeta with 8/10 correct answers. 
2.    Suman had 6/10 correct answers
Game#3 -Winner is Meeta


Here are the answers

Answers: Journaling, brads, diecuts, embellishements, mount, punchies, cropping, vellum, trimmer, cardstock, embossing, altered, pH factor, pigment ink, pocket, template, tape runner, theme, swap, RUBONS

Maximum Correct Answers were given by Suman Pandit.
Game#4 -Winner is Suman Pandit


Correct Answers

1.  B- 1 march 2012

2.  C- monthly

3.  B- shilpa, deepthi, hussena, jaya and kripa

4.  B - haryana

5.  A- Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Twitter

Game#5 -Winner is Priyanka

Congratulations to all the winners!! Raffle winner please email your postal address to claim your prize!
Game winners please email your postal address to receive the special gift by the Design Team member plus a coupon worth Rs.300 to enjoy shopping at

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Emboss Resist Watercolouring

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to another post and this month it's all about water colors!! We all loved getting smeared with that colorful liquid oozing out of the water color bottles when we were kids, didn't we?? So it's time yet again to get that little one inside you and bring on some splash of colors with the same element! The ever lovely and vibrant... WATERCOLORS!!!  

Check out all about the challenge here 

and yes you can now you can link to a maximum of 10 challenges, including ours, and that I know is an awesome part!

Here's what I have for the challenge. I took up the Emboss Resist technique to be the focal element with watercoloring and here are my cards.

All of these have been done using the emboss resist in different manners and lets check them out individually to see how each one was done! And there is one super cool technique explained below. Do remember to first find it and then check it out

This lovely rainbow card is sure one of my most loved one from the lot. I embossed the sentiment with black EP and then completely smeared the watercolor paper with water and that's where all the fun begins. As you drop each color and make some trails with your paintbrush, you'll watch the colors blending with the water and also with each other. Be as random while making the color swatches and you'll love the end result.

I did the same process as the above card with this one, but using gold EP and then colored it with a dark shade of purple and dark blue blending each with one another in the coloring process. The dark shade works wonders with the Gold colored peacock in the front. Totally loved this one!

This card is another one that I like and I like the process by which this is made too!!I have not used any Embossing in this card !! I simply stamped the lovely rose image and then colored it using the markers and now comes the fun element. I used Glossy Accents all over the image and let it dry for some time and then painted it all yellow!! (Oh between, this card has around three coatings of the yellow color to make it smooth and even).
I'm sure this one technique you will love trying out(The super cool technique *wink-wink)

I made this all GREEN card with first making all this flowers with the White embossing powder and then dabbing the complete paper in green watercolor and I loved the result!! Totally worth stamping all this flowers again and again with the versafine ink!! I just jazzed it up a little with a yellow watercolor strip and a lovely sentiment! 

All done!!! Well, I focused a little more on what all things can we do with the Emboss Resist apart from the flowers! I know, they look amazing with the watercourse technique, hence I thought of taking a road less taken and focused more on the other fun elements. I hope you liked my cards as much as I do!

Do enter into the challenge here and get those paint brushes rolling to make some lovely creations!
Do drop me a comment on how you liked my cards, I would love to know your feedback!!


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