Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Backgrounds with gelatos and stencils : Tutorial

Hello everyone,
      Riswana here today with my last post as Lulupu DT.! It has been a great journey being here with Karuna, super cool and sweet all the time, and my talented, supportive teamies Sindhu and Chirali. Thank you guys :* <3
     I have a mixed media card and a small tutorial on how to create cool backgrounds with gelatos and stencils..

Let's begin with the steps:

1.Apply gesso
         Apply one to two coats of gesso on the surface you are working on. This is crucial to get beautiful results..

2.Color with gelatos:
         After the gesso has dried, apply gelatos in the desired color combination. It doesn't have to be perfect.!

3.Use stencil:
         Place the stencil on the desired position (Here i have used the large stencil from Mudra so that it covers all of the surface). Use a wet baby wipe to wipe off the color through the exposed area of the stencil.

4.Seal with gel medium
         Gelatos are not permanent. So it's better to seal it with gel medium. And the background is ready.!

Use different color combos and stencils to make beautiful backgrounds. Here's a mixed media card I made using the same technique.. Here i used multiple stencils.!

Sponged acrylic paints through stencils for the focal point, sentiment is from Mudra stamps.

Hope you liked it.! Here are some of my personal favorite Lulupu DT Projects :)

Thank you all so much for the support and love.! It means a lot :) <3

Create. Have fun.


  1. Beautiful bgs with gelatos Riswana ! Loved your mixed media cards a lot :)

  2. So the way the colors shown through stencil...And i loved every project you shared here Rhizwana :)

    1. Thank you so much dear Sathya :) it means a lot to hear this from you <3

  3. Beautiful card and thanks for sharing the technique :)

  4. All creation are beautiful Rhiz

  5. Beautiful creations Rhizwana!! Loved each one of them!! :)

  6. Beautiful cards the BG of both..and I have always been a fan of your creativity..keep rocking..will miss you at Lulupu..

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