Thursday 8 September 2016

Explosion box mini album Tutorial

Hello everyone,
             Riswana here with you today. I'll be sharing a very basic tutorial on an explosion box mini album.. There are endless ways to do it and this is just a simplified form of mine & I hope it will be useful if you are a beginner or haven't tried this out yet.!!

Here's the box when open..

Let's get started. I'll go fron the outer layer towards inside.

Layer 1:

Take a 10 1/2" square cardstock and score at 3 1/2" and 7" respectively. Rotate the cardstock to 90 degrees and repeat the same. This is common for all the layers (so i have mentioned the measurements only once in all the pictures).

Take a 3 1/2" square scrap piece of paper, fold it diagonally. Draw a heart and fussy cut it. Use this as a template to draw on all four corners. Score diagonally in the middle of the hearts.. Cut the same template a little bit smaller to cut out the pattern paper hearts.

Take 4 pieces of 3 1/4" square Pattern papers in 2 different designs & matt them on the base. After completing it should look like this..

Outer view

Inner View
Layer 2:

Take a 9" square cardstock & score at 3" and 6" respectively. Cut and score as shown & fold the flaps on each other. This is the easiest of ways to create an interactive design as well as utilizing the maximum space.. You'll need 4 pieces of 2 3/4" Pattern papers in 4 designs for matting. Here's the finished look..

Outer view

Inner view

Layer 3:

This may look a bit complicated but it's actually simple and very similar to the second layer. The difference is that there's an extra 1/4" for the flaps to make pockets.

Take a 8" square cardstock and score at 1/4" 2 3/4", 5 1/4", 7 3/4" respectively. Score and cut along the lines as shown above. The resulting piece should resemble the blue shaded area. Stick the flaps to make the pockets.  You'll need 4 tags measuring 2 1/4" × 2 3/4". Also 4 square Pattern papers measuring 2 1/4" each in 2 designs..

Inner view

Outer view

The Lid:

Take a 6 1/8" square cardstock and score at 1/4" and 4 7/8" respectively. This will give a 1/8" gap between the lid and the box. You can customise as required. 4 pieces of 1" × 3 3/8" Pattern papers & 2 pieces of 3 3/8 square pattern papers will be required for matting.

Since it is a mini album, the center portion can again hold a picture. I chose to have a surprise box inside, which can be used to store small memorabilias..

Add pictures and embellishments like you wish, stick the layers on top of each other using foam adhesive and you are done. I usually add embellies coordinating the photos.!! Also, it's okay to mix and match Pattern papers as long as the color co-ordination turns out right.. Here I've used papers from four different PP packs.!!!

Hope you found this tutorial useful.. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask in the comments section and I'll be happy to help :)

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Supplies used for the project:
Papericious Mi Estilo PP
Papericious The Gentleman PP

Create. Have fun.


  1. Beautiful Rhiz :) Thanks for the tutorial, I always miss those numbers and recalculate every time :P

  2. Beautiful Box Rhiswana... Thanks for the tutorial..

  3. I never made an explosion box earlier just thinking about all the measurements but your tutorial makes it look doable ;) Loved t !

  4. Thank you for sharing..i can't wait to make one for my anniversary exploding box!!

  5. Amazing box. Ty so much for the tutorial. I’ve been working on mine over the past week and a half and I’m doing things for the main layer today. Ty ty ty ��

  6. bom dia! eu queria muito fazer essa caixinha, porem não entende muito como fazer e gosria para da no dia dos namorados

  7. Thank you for this tutorial, it very helpful.


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