Thursday 11 August 2016

Accordion Cutout Card - Tutorial


I hope you are doing well. This is the month of festivals so everyone must be busy with that. Today I am going to share the most asked tutorial of the card, Accordion Cutout, without use of accordion cutout dies. 

It looks complicated but once you make it, it's quite easy. This time I have made it a masculine one with 'The Gentleman' paper pad from Papericious for keeping upcoming Rakshabandhan in mind. This is how it finally looked:

So let's start with the tutorial. 

First of all you need to measure the die cut you are going to use because overall size of the card depends on size of diecut. Mine one measured approximately 3 1/8x4 1/4 so i decided to keep inner rectangle measuring 3 1/4x4 1/2 and overall card size 4 3/4x6. 

So now take a paper of 19x6, score it at the interval of 4 3/4 and fold it in a valley-mountain style so that it results in a 4 3/4x6 card. Let's call each 4 3/4x6 portion PART. (Image shows mountain-valley style, please ignore for sometime. :) )

Now, score each part vertically at 3/4, 2, 2 3/8, 2 3/4 and 4 and horizontally at 3/4 and 5 1/4. You can check the image for clarity. 

Cut the rectangles as shown in image.

Be careful for this part. It can mess your work if not cut properly. You must have 3/4 portion with a centre score in the middle of each part. We will keep a valley style for first two parts, therefore, put a cut on left 3/8 portion on first part and right 3/8 portion on second one. Fold it outer side carefully as shown. Please check the image. It's hard for me to explain this.

To cover this base with patterned papers, take six papers measuring 5 7/8x4 5/8. Score 4 sides of each at 5/8 cut the centre rectangle resulting from scoring each side. 

Adhere them to the base. There are only 4 parts but when we close it, front and back portions will be different which will be backside of first and last part so we took six papers and adhere them too. 

Now take 4 base paper dies cuts along with same shaped die cuts of patterned papers. 

To make an accordion of these die cuts, take a stripe of thick paper, adhere them on back side of base paper die cuts keeping them in a line and then fold them in a mountain-valley style. (Our base card was folded valley-mountain style).you can stick another 4 die cuts to hide these stripes on back.

Glue that center cut and folded portion of each part. Be careful, only cut and folded portion should be glued and not the one attached to the base. Adhere each die cut in centre. You can see glued portion and how to adhere die cuts in the image. 

Tan da nann. We are done with the base. See how it looks from front and back. 

Fun part begins. Embellish patterned paper die cuts and adhere them to the base. First die cut will be seen as a front so decorate it accordingly. 

Some more photos of my card:

I have made couple of cards in the past too. Have a look:

With different die cuts.

Mountain-Valley style whose front will not be visible when card is open.

Another masculine card for friendship day.

I hope you enjoyed it. Do let me know if there are any questions regarding this. We will be waiting for your take on such card. 

Thank you,
Chirali. :)

Supplies used from Lulupu Store:

The Gentleman - Papericious


  1. Wow! Haven't seen this style of creating an accordion card before! This is brilliant Chirali!

  2. Amazing cards Chirali!! LOVE them all!! :)

  3. Wow..I loved the tutorial ,specially bcoz its without using dies all handcut ;)Thanks for sharing it :)

  4. Wonderful post Chirali! You have created beautiful card that too without an accordion die cut! Amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. This is so beautiful Chirali.! Luvvv all of them & TFS the wonderful technique <3

  6. Awesome creation...I tried this with accordian die...but thank you for teaching us without can do it in bigger sizes...very well explained tutorial ...thanks for sharing..will definetly try .love n hugs Daksha

    1. Thank you so very much. Would love to see what you create. My pleasure if you get inspired with this. :) <3

  7. amazing ! This is awesome to see something created without a die !


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