Friday 1 July 2016

New Design Team and some Goodbyes!

Hello everyone!

With June ending we also come to the end of a wonderful journey with our current design team members who have been so amazing and have shared such inspiring, wonderful and exciting new projects and tutorials all along since Jan 2016. With a heartfelt thanks we wish our current DT a goodbye and tones of success in days to come! Please do follow their blogs to stay updated with their amazing work! Please give these ladies a big round of applause!

Thank you ladies!! You will be missed and we hope to see on our blog often :)

And now for some exciting news! those who know me also know I love to give chance to new crafters. I think they need this platform alot more than those who have a very good stand and are more reputed. I support our Indian crafters and I love to see them grow. And with that i like to welcome our 3 new DT who have some very amazing ideas and exciting new projects awaiting you! Scorll down to read about them!

Hello, I'm Sindhura and I'm so excited to be part of Lulupu's Design Team. Currently, I stay with my husband and our 10 month old baby boy in Hyderabad.
For me, it all started four years ago with quilling. I was so thrilled to see what one could do with thin strips of paper. One day, as I was surfing blogs, I came across a blog full of beautiful handmade cards and in no time I got addicted to cardmaking. I love making CAS (Clean and Simple) and 'Clean and Layered' cards.
I'm so thankful to Karuna for this awesome opportunity!
Looking forward to an awesome term full of crafty goodness.  :)

Hello everyone!. My name is Chirali Shah. 
A big big thanks to Lulupu for giving me this opportunity. I am a chartered accountant by profession and a crafter by passion. I have a blog named 'Cardiggerzzz by Chirali Shah' which I handle to show my work and experiments. There is no particular style for me. I like to try new things every time I start crafting. 
I hope I can inspire you all with my work for Lulupu. 

Hi everyone,
   This is Rhizwana Fathima. I live in a charming little city,Tirunelveli in the state of Tamil Nadu. 
I'm a doctor, working at a nearby GH & also aspiring for my PG.  
Lulupu has always been a great inspiration to me right from the earliest days of my crafting & I was so thrilled & beyond excited when Karuna asked me to be a DT member.  It's a pleasure being here, thank you so much Karuna for trusting me & giving the opportunity.

I have a passion for art since childhood. I'm into Paper crafts & blogging for about 2 years now.. I don't confine to any particular style of crafting but mixed media is always my favorite.
You can find my works at my blog "Creativ cauldron
Looking forward to see you all soon with my projects.!!
Create. Have fun.

So here is our new team! Be excited as we unravel our new challenge tomorrow!
See you all soon!



  1. Congrats to the new DT members :) Looking forward to see your awesome creations, as usual! :)

  2. Congratulations & best wishes to all the DT members :)

  3. Congrats girls on new DTM! Looking forward to see your beautiful creations!

  4. Congratulations new DT members

  5. Many Congratulations Ladies...Welcome back Sindu!! Rhiz Rock on dear!!! SO happppy for you da :)

  6. Congratulations everyone! Looking forward to your creations on Lulupu! :)
    Suchi xx

  7. Welcome to the New Team !!

  8. Welcome to the New Team !!

  9. Congratulations to new team! Excited to see your new creations at lulupu!

  10. Congratulations to new team! Excited to see your new creations at lulupu!

  11. Welcome to the new team, looking forward for amazing craft ideas and inspiration from you guys!!!


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