Tuesday 19 April 2016

Spotlight Designer: Jaya Raghuvanshi - Ken Oliver Liquid Metals Review + video tutorial

Hello and good morning!

This is Nikita here and today I am here to bring to you another amazing post by a talented Guest Designer - Jaya Raghuvanshi and she has a detailed video tutorial for us today using Ken Oliver Color Burst Liquid Metals. We have something interesting for you, so make sure you read all the way till the end so you don't miss it. :D

Most of you might know Jaya as she has been a part of Lulupu's Design Team until recently. So without further ado, I'll let Jaya take over.


Hello everyone!
This is Jaya here today on the Lulupu blog. Hope you all are having a great day. Today I have for you a detailed post on the new Ken Oliver Color Burst Liquid Metals along with a video tutorial on use these on your mixed media projects. Here is the project I made using this product. You will find the video tutorial for the same in the end.

Read on for more information on the Liquid Metals.

Ken Oliver Color Burst Liquid Metals

Colours available

The new sets from CHA include two assortments of Heavy metals and Precious alloys

Set 1- Heavy Metals

Platinum, Pewter, Yellow gold, Copper, Verdi Gris and Iron oxide.

Set 2- Precious Alloys

Metallic Saffron, Metallic Mandarin, Metallic Rose, Metallic sky, Metallic Jade, Metallic Amethyst

About Color Bursts

Color Bursts Liquid Metals add metallic lustre to you work. They can be combined with your normal color bursts powders to impart them gorgeous sheen. These color bursts liquid metals are designed to use with color bursts and can also be used separately. Liquid metals are a suspension of finely granulated metallic powder along with colorant in a dispersing liquid in a handy dropper bottle. When blended with color Burst and water, Liquid metals make color bursts artwork shine. They can very easily be combined with all you watercolours to impart then lustre. They have watercolour properties and blend easily on any watercolor background. Can be mixed with various mediums to colorize the.


Water based, non-toxic and cleans up easily with soap and water


Comes in .5 fl oz bottle with dropper applicator.
So that was a little information on the new product.
Here is a review of how they work with various media and different kind of papers-


On Black Cardstock

The Platinum Liquid metals and the Metallic Rose come out really beautifully against black background.

The Metallic Amethyst and Metallic Jade look pretty when you the paint layer is thick. They don’t impart any colour/ very less color when a thin layer is painted, just a layer of metallic lustre after drying completely.

On Watercolor paper

On the watercolor paper the bright colors look beautiful. The Platinum liquid metal does not show much except for the sparkle. But it sure imparts some lovely sheen if you use it on your artwork. All these liquid metals work wonderfully with color busrts or any other normal watercolors and imart gorgeous metallic shine to it.

On normal white cardstock

When unblended the colors look almost similar to as whn used on the watercolor paper.
Have a look at how they look when you spray then colors with water.


The Color Burst Liquid metals being water based blend beautifully on watercolor paper but not so efficiently on normal white cardstock. You can also see in this picture, the metallic sheen it can impart to your work.

Advantage over other sprays and mist

This shine is unlike what you normally get out of any other mists or sprays. Other sprays that come close to imparting this much lustre to your work are really sticky to touch even after drying completely.  The Ken Oliver Color Burst Liquid metals impart this shine without the stickiness! Isn’t that just great??

Now coming onto the various mediums. Just like any other colorant these are great to colorize your pastes and gels. I tried it with some basic media which you can see here.



Great way to cover your background with gesso and color it along side. Just add a few drops of the Liquid metal of your choice to gesso and mix well. The overall color will lighten a little and turn to beautIful pastel shades. Now use your palette knife or an old credit card and apply to prime and prepare your background.

Modelling paste

The modelling paste / texture paste get the color without changing their consistency. This allows you to create your own 3D texture with color.

Gel medium

Gel medium makes the liquid metals really light in color. Have a look at the really gorgeous pastel color on the white background. These liquid metals I used here unfortunately does not show much color on the black cardstock, but for sure you can see the lustre from the metallic granules incorporated in the product.

I hope you get a basic idea of the new Ken Oliver Color Burst Liquid Metals.
Have a look at the mixed media canvas I made using the same.

Here is the video tutorial for the same

Hope you enjoyed it!

And now for the exciting news!
We are doing a flash sale on these liquid metals! Pick ANY 4 and get 10% OFF!
Use the code KENOLIVER at checkout to avail the discount!


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