Monday, 7 March 2016

Lulupu Birthday Crossword Puzzle

Hi Friends,

Today we are sharing our very first game for you all to participate in and enjoy! We have created a Crossword puzzle to challenge your crafting knowledge. It has words pertaining to brand names, designer names, techniques or methods we use and various abbreviations used for several crafting products and techniques. Easy peasy?

ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive this gorgeous pack of goodies! :)

So let's get started!

Here's the crossword...

Here are the clues:


1. A tool that allows you to stitch on your project (3,4)
3. Seize the Day (5,4)
5. ABBR: Adds background, prints & designs to your projects (2)
7. Clear Brush markers in trend (3)
10. A versatile creamy paste that gives a beautiful shimmery coat (4-4)
13. A solvent ink than can be used to stamp on acetate (6)
15. ABBR: A brand of patterned paper & embellishments. Hint: Name includes a body part. (3)
16. She invented the Beehive Quilling technique (5)
17. Gives a shiny finish. Can also be used as an adhesive (6,7)
22. Distress Ink + Heat Embossing (6,6)


2. A coloring book (6,6)
4. An Indian Patterned Paper brand (11)
6. Founder of Distress Inks (3,5)
8. A brand of stamps available exclusively with Lulupu (5)
9. Helps in adding a subtle shimmer (4,2,6)
11. ABBR: A scrapbook page is also called... (2)
12. Founder of WPlus9 (4,10)
14. Founder of Altenew (6,5)
18. A water colouring technique (2,4)
19. ABBR: The base of every card (2)
20. Create Disco Light Effects using this background technique (5)
21. A Die Cutting machine (3,4)


This is like any other crossword where you have clues that will help you fill in the answers. After every clue you'll see a number in brackets - e.g. (5). This means the answer is 5 letters long. If you see something like (3,5) at the end, it means the answer has more than one word where the first word is 3 letters long and the second, 5. ABBR at the beginning of the clue means the answer is an abbreviation. All words are interconnected, so if you'll know if you've made a mistake :)

To play, download the PDF or Excel file from HERE and fill in the answers. The clues are available in the files too. To add your answers to the PDF, click on the 'Fill & Sign' button on the top right in Adobe reader and then click on Add Text.

Send the FINISHED CROSSWORD to with "CROSSWORD PUZZLE" in the subject line.

Only those entries that get ALL answers right will be eligible to win. From all the eligible entries, ONE lucky entry picked at RANDOM will win the prize pack.

Last date to send your entries is: March 31, 2016

Winners will be announced in April :)

So go ahead get those crafty brains working!!

Good luck!


Thank you for your comments and feedback.