Friday, 19 June 2015

Mixed media Monograms

Hey Everyone!

This is Manu here and this time I'm around to bring you something which I love making!! Monograms!!! and the best part is that they double up as a nameplate too.  I did one for my daughter way back last year which also won me a Lulupu prize, and since then I have made numerous of these. (Well, the purchasing of this monogram was alltogether a different story and I had no idea that it will turn up to be like this initially. A Friend of mine wanted a wall art piece consisting of alphabets and asked me to show a sample and that's how the letter J (my little one's named Jahnavi) was bought and then later I thought, why not to make it as a nameplate for her.)
Hence as my second post, I get to introduce some cute things that I'm currently working on or something which is close to my heart. 

Here's the alphabet monogram I recently made. I love these for the fact that they make for a trendy wall art as well as serves the purpose of a nameplate as well. This is something that I make for kids. 

Well, I guess you might have already guessed that I'm kind of more inclined and biased towards the blue (and blue+ yellow) combination of colors. My last couple of creations showcased here are all based on these color combinations. But then, I love these colors, they make for a very vibrant and colorful combinations.

The base MDF alphabet is given a coat of primer and then colored in the blue shade and the edges are given a distressing of the black color to highlight them a little. And then comes the time to embellish it all to your hearts content!

Here's a tip I normally follow, when doing my embellishments, I always try to keep them in various positions and click about 3 to 4 pictures with my phone camera and decide which one looks the best. And then the best one is what finally decides how my final look is going to be. This is one technique which works wonders (and also helps in eradicating the need to pull back the embellies incase the final look is not what was in the mind)

Here are a few more close up's of the monogram.

I love this particular resin embellishment for the basic fact that they are cute and apt for a kids project and super cool tooo.

And it's not hard to guess that flowers are the next best thing that I love. There's hardly a project that I make without their use. And why not to use them, they make the projects look lovely afterall.

I hope you like this altered art and would love to give it a try too!
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Happy Crafting!


  1. Sweet and adorable monogram Manu! Lovely colors used! :)
    Suchi xx

    1. Thank you Suchi! Glad that you liked it <3

  2. Such a fabulous idea Manu. Yes, I do notice u love blues but I never tire of seeing d pretty creations u come up with.

    1. Thank you Kripa! Yeah, I do love blues and lately have been using this color a lot.. So time to try out some new colors!
      Glad that you liked it !! <3

  3. You can't go wrong with blue, can you!!! Simply perfect!

    1. hahaha, I'm so in love with that color.. :D Guess the color is what makes things shine out brightly :D

  4. hi... love the monogram and its vibrant hues... a lil question pls... the monogram u have used is on paper or mdf ?

    1. Thank you for liking Rupali..
      The base is MDF !! Hope this helps!

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  6. My daughter is in love with the blue color and your creation is something she definitely would love!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

    1. Ohh wow! That is such a awesome compliment! M glad that the little one liked it! Would love to make one for her! Hugs to her


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