Thursday 30 May 2013

Winner of Lulupu 200 blog Followers giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

Another roll since the last winner did not contact us within 48 hours!We used to pick a lucky bum who wins a Scrapbook Album kit

Drumroll..... the winner of the Lulupu 200 plus blog Followers giveaway is....

And the Lucky no 29 is - Hema

Please contact us with your address at within 48 hours to claim your price!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

A Scrapbook Layout from Scraps !!

Good Morning beautiful Crafters !!

Hope you all doing good and enjoying the month here at Lulupu with lots of amazing inspirations from our fabulous design team. Since our Design team this month  is focusing on " Maximizing Pattern Paper", So here I am with my Inspiration post focusing on two techniques - " Paper scraps and punches/die cuts . Its an self explanatory post ! , lets get started :)

Okay !! I want to make one thing clear, I am not at all a scrapbook gal . This is perhaps my third layout so far. So please be kind :)

Here is my Layout have a look.

What do you think ? A layout which is super easy to do and quick too. All you need is your Pattern paper  scraps and few punches . I have a quick pictorial here sharing the details how I did my Layout. 

Material Required -
Tools and pattern paper scrap !!
You can find the link to the products at the bottom of the post . I have used all the scraps so far I have from my kit . Few were my all time favorite - papers from Tigerliliy paper pad , & Polka dotted pattern paper from Prima Zypher.

For background I have taken a plain white card stock measuring 12x12 . I have added two layers of colors since it was looking dull in my first attempt . You can take any color you want .I cannot do anything until and unless I use Distress Inks- All time favorite.

How to make these cute little clouds

I have first drawn the clouds roughly you need not be to perfect for this :P and fussy cut . Secondly , I have pasted these strings using washi tape and thirdly pasted these cute little hearts over the strings.

 Now there you can see the oval punch . I have used the double sided pattern paper to make banner , and trees .

Using the Oval shape punch

Tree's !!

Sweet banner is a chip board die cut perfect to go with this layout . I have pasted the oval scraps next to the picture to make them look like mini tabs , I find them really cute and adorable . And Lastly I have used the scraps strips like sun rays spreading the happiness all around .

All in all a cute and vibrant layout all from your scraps .

Hopefully I was able to Inspire you all. If yes , do pick up some fun techniques from the post and enter you project in this month's challenge  hurry !!

Have a Nice day :)

Supplies Used - 

Sunday 26 May 2013

How To: Use your PP Scraps

Hello Peeps!! How has your Sunday been so far?? My patience was being tested by YouTube since morning while trying to upload the video for this post.. Hence the delay.. But it's alright... The video is finally up and I am here to talk about two things.

1. We are finally announcing the Winner for our 200 Blog Followers Giveaway. And the winner is.... 
#24 - Bendy Minds Achu!! Congratulations!!! Please contact us at within 48 hours to claim your prize.

2. What the hell do we do with these Patterned Paper scraps? :P

Thursday 23 May 2013

Make the most of your Double-sided PP

Hi people! As you know for the second part of this month, the design team is focusing on "Maximizing pattern papers". So for my inspiration for today is : Making most of your double sided patterned papers and make your own embellishments with PP.

But before that, I want to let you all know that the winner for the 200 Follower Giveaway will be announced tomorrow. So good luck to all those to played along. :)

Now back to today's post. I made this cute little favor bag with a 6x6 MME Blink of an Eye paper pad. When I was thinking for ideas for making the most of patterned papers, I thought in the reverse order. Which are the products where I would want to have the design show on the inside as well. So I came up with the idea of a favor box. I guess these are one of the best uses of double sided PP, as you not only want the bag to look pretty on the outside, but also want it to have some color and design on the inner side.

Monday 20 May 2013

Product Review - Mod Podge!

Hey ya people,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the month here at Lulupu with lots of inspiration from the fabulous members of the design team.

Before I begin to talk about the product that is up for review today, I would like to take a moment and talk about a little something else :)

As you know, my term at Lulupu is coming to an end this month and this is my last post as the Design Team member here, I would like to thank everyone who is a part of Team Lulupu - the owner and a good friend Karuna, our sweet blog coordinator Nikita, all the fellow design team members Snehal, Isha and Indira and all the wonderful challenge participants and readers for all the love and appreciation they have blessed me with over the course of last 6 months. Working here has been a wonderful opportunity with so much to learn and something new to look forward to every month. It has been a beautiful ride!

Lulupu is now looking for new team members. If you think you will be a good match for Lulupu team, today is the last day to apply for the Design Team. Find all the details here.

So now, let's begin talking (some more) about the much talked about product called Mod Podge :)

(Image Credit:

Mod Podge is a little bottle of magic milky liquid that is a glue, a sealer and a varnish all in one. It is no less than a miracle, I think (and so does a lot of other people :))

Why a miracle you may ask, here's why :

- it can be used on ANY porous surface - paper, wood, cardboard, chipboard, fabric, cork and more!
- it is THE best decoupage medium ever - it dries clear, it dries fast and is water based which means it is super easy to clean the mess after your master piece is complete :)
- it is non-toxic and that means it is safe for kids to use and have fun creating their little art works.
- it protects your surface from moisture and acts as a sealer. So while I wouldn't want to dip my mod podge covered art work in a bucket full of water, it does gives me the option to wipe of the dust from my art work every now and then with a damp cloth.
- it comes in variety of formulas/finishes that allows you to use it for pretty much everything imaginable.

And these are basically the reasons why everyone loves Mod Podge :)

Let's talk a little about the variety of finishes/formulas that the Mod Podge range offers and what's the difference between each.

Classic Mod Podge: This is an year round Mod Podge that works for all types of projects and most surfaces. Comes in gloss and matte finish.

Satin Mod Podge: This is just like classic mod podge only difference being the satin finish. It gives a lustrous, soft appearance somewhere between a matte and gloss. The scratches are less visible on satin surfaces when compared to gloss or matte.

Fabric Mod Podge: This is specifically used to prepare fabric for decoupaging to surfaces and for decoupaging things onto fabric. It eliminates fraying.

Paper Mod Podge: This formula was created for more advanced paper projects, such as scrapbooking. It also comes in a gloss and matte finish. Paper Mod Podge keeps photos and papers from yellowing and it extends the life of scrapbooking projects.

Hard Coat Mod Podge: This is mostly used for furniture. It has an extremely durable finish and it provides extra protection for projects that are used and handled more often. It also has a satin finish so it doesn’t show scratches and marks like the gloss or matte.

Outdoor Mod Podge: This formula protects your projects from moisture and other elements, which makes it great for clay pots and other outdoor creations. For added durability, it is recommended to also use an outdoor sealer.

Brushstroke Mod Podge: This formula gives you the look of a hand painting. It’s very textured and dimensional. It also comes in a clear gloss or matte finish.

Sparkle Mod Podge: It contains hologram glitter pieces that give it a rainbow effect in a gloss base. The more coats you add, the more sparkle and shine that is added to your project. And I have heard it's awesome. :)

Kids Wash Out Mod Podge: It is specially designed for children to use. Parents will love this one because it will wash out of children’s clothing and furniture with ease. This formula also has a glossy finish.

Glow in the Dark Mod Podge: For the best glowing effect, you’ll need to apply several coats. It’s great for children’s projects. You can’t really see the finish, but it glows-in-the-dark! Expose to light to recharge.

Antique Mod Podge: This is perfect for anyone who loves an antique feel. It allows you to get that aged, vintage look with just one coat. It has a slight brown tint and it comes in a matte finish.

Special Formulas to Know There are a few special Mod Podge formulas that don’t do the gluing, but they act as special finishes and are complimentary to all of the Mod Podge products above. Here they are.

Mod Podge Super GlossYou can’t glue with the Super Gloss; the goal here is to get a smooth, epoxy-like finish over a large area. To use, Mod Podge your pieces down with another formula. Then use the Super Gloss over the top. it’s self-leveling and thicker than regular Mod Podge. So it gives you a very shiny, clear finish that looks like epoxy but isn’t (it’s not as thick as Dimensional Magic for those who are wondering).A super shiny, clear finish that is a little bit more thick than regular Mod Podge.

Mod Podge Dimensional MagicTraditional resins give you a hard, varnish finish but are toxic and require mixing – not Dimensional Magic! This product adds an epoxy-like finish to jewelry and paper crafts and dries clear. You can layer Dimensional Magic on top of itself (let it dry between layers). This formula comes in Clear, Gold Glitter and Silver Glitter. Get the look of resin or epoxy without the toxicity and mixing. Dries clear and dimensional.

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium: Use this medium to transfer photocopied images onto fabric. It works with both black and white and color copies as well as both light and dark fabrics. The formula is water-based and the results are permanent and machine washable (cool water; gentle cycle).

Note: I have not used all the above mentioned formulas personally(even though I wish I could own at least one of each type one day :D), but have collected the data over the internet to help you out and get all the information in one place.

Out of all the above mentioned, I have had the opportunity to try two of the formulas(Mod Podge Classic Matte Finish and Mod Podge Dimensional) till now and I am super happy with the results.

Here's are a couple of my recent projects using Mod Podge   

I loved working on this MDF shadow box. All the layers of papers and die cuts were stuck using Mod Podge Classic Matte Finish and then given another coat over the top to seal the surface. The inside is filled with quilled flowers and the center has a space to put a photograph.
I personally feel that Mod Podge rocks the MDF projects and for me it has become a necessity. By the way, Lulupu stocks a great range of MDF items that are ready to be decoupaged and turn into beautiful pieces of art.

Here is another view

The second project that I did was with Mod Podge Dimensional.

These cute little photo magnets were created using chipboard and were a Mother's Day gift for my mum and mum-in-law. I used Mod Pod Dimensional of these to give the magnets a resin like raised finish.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while working with Mod Podge:

- Smooth out air bubbles right away because the Mod Podge does dry kind of quick. And well, I did have some showing on the magnets above though they are not visible in the picture :)
- Mod Podge has a tendency to show brush marks. For best results use a sponge applicator/brushes.
-For best adhesion, apply a coat of Mod Podge to both the backside of whatever material you are using (paper, fabric, metal, poster, glass, paper mache, wood, etc.) as well as to the front side of the surface.
- Allow the first coat to dry for at least 15 mins before you start with the next coat.
- Surfaces like, paper and chipboard tends to bend a little when Mod Podge is applied. Do not worry, it will straighten out once the Mod Podge has dried.
- It helps to use a brayer to smooth out paper and adhere it firmly to the surface. You can also try using Mod Podge Foam Roller Tops.
- It is an awesome thing to experiment with and try out new fun stuff.

So if you have never used this amazing product, now is the time to try. If you need more ideas on what to do with Mod Podge, you the visit Mod Podge rocks :)

Have fun creating and stay blessed!

P.S. You can still come see me on my personal blog if you miss me here :)

Friday 17 May 2013

Upcycled chocolate box

Hi there
I am sure you are enjoying the challenge and making projects for your dad this entire month.I am back with my second post of the month an upcycled box to hold pictures and tags.In short it has been upcycled to make a shadow box.hope you like my little experiment with the gorgeous papers from Lulupu and a lot of washi and mod podge.All of the above are available at Lulupu.The washi is so versatile and can be used on any medium.I have applied a layer of mod podge on washi covered tin.The tin wasn't closing with paper.and washi is beautiful enough to hide the tin and thin enough to make the lid fit snugly.serves the purpose.
The original box about to be transformed
Ok so we start with some beautiful pattern paper from Luupu and some mod podge

The inside of the lid is decorated with some more patterned paper and a picture
So this is how it looks with all the layering
The lid is embellished with some ruffled ribbon

The inside of the box has some more beautiful pattern paer .lace trim and sentiment.Perfect recipe for romance what say

Some tags also go inside the box

Linking it to PPS- Flowers and ribbon

 and also Lessology-For the love of fabric
I have used fabric laces and ruffled ribbon and the tin is recycled/upcycled
I hope I have inspired you to check out the new collection and old at Lulupu and find out for yourself how versatile you can be armed with Lulupu stuff.

Supplies used

Thanks for passing by.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Guest Designer - Shylaa

Hello everyone,

We are happy to share a Guest post by yet another talented crafter - Shylaa from - for our Challenge #12 -  My First Love, My Dad

Thanks Shylaa for taking time to craft with us, over to you!

A bit about myself:

I am from Hosur, Tamilnadu and working women and a mother of two lovely kids. i have been crafting from childhood and been blogging since a year. Known for Adhiraacreations in blogland. Now I am exploring and expanding it everyday with help of beautiful world of artistic and creative people around. I love paper crafting and feel much relaxed and found myself in a different world. Hope you enjoy my little creations and would love to hear from you!

When I got a invitation from Lulupu team for GD, i was really excited and happy. Because i was given the theme My first love - my Dad to create a card. A daughter will always feel great about her dad. He is her first love and first hero. I am here in this blogland only becoz of him. He is a wonderful freehand artist. I was inspired by his paintings from childhood. And the happy part was about My dad’s birthday and my wedding anniversary falls on 4th May. Here’s is my special card for him and for my husband.

I decided to use some masculine colours as suggested byt inspiring DT  – Blue, brown, beige, orange, etc. Being a masculine card, I felt that it should not be over the top and way to girlie. I have created a D shaped card with a weaving pattern in the front. Pasted a pattern paper for the outer D and attached a small star tag to the jute twine and decorated it with white pearls. Added some glitter to the tag with a word “DAD”.

The inside of the card – I have used quilling technique instead of a regular sentiment. I have used beige colour strips for the alphabets with beehive technique and the orange flowers are made of 1mm handcut strips. Hope you like it

Thanks for the Lulupu team for inviting me as a guest designer for May month.

with love,

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Layering & Paper piecing - A Layout!

Hello good people :)

Have you checked out this month's challenge yet? Mother's day is already over and Father's day will be here soon. With Father's day theme for this month's challenge, we are helping you get ready well in time. :)

For the second part of this month, the design team is focusing on "Maximizing pattern papers" and I picked the two very popular techniques with pattern papers - Layering & Paper piecing for the inspiration today.

We'll be making a layout step by step while talking about it. So sit back and relax and maybe grab a cuppa coffee :)

Before I start, I just want to let you know that I am more of  a clean-and-simple-less-is-more kinda a girl and layering is as tough for me as any of you but we are gonna give it a try today anyways and see how it comes about :)

Since the challenge theme is all about Dads this month, I thought it would be apt to make a layout with a picture of my daughter and husband.

Once I decided on the picture that I wanted to scrap about, the next step was to pick my papers and I found the perfect one in the Prima Zypher Paper Pad. The bright yellow flowery pattern complimented the picture really well. I also picked this large journaling die cut from the K&Company Sweet Nector Die cuts pack. And I layered these two on another sheet of 12X12 DCWV green plaid pattern paper.

Next I layered my picture on another bright paper from the Welcome to Paris Prima Pad to make it pop on the layout.

And then I pulled out more of my favorite die cuts and figured out what I want.

Please note that nothing is glued down yet. We are just playing and determining what goes where :)

Once I was satisfied, I started putting everything together one by one.
Before I stuck my first layer, I randomly punched the edges of the Prima paper using the EK Success open scallop punch for more interest :)

Once every thing was glued down, I pulled out some ribbon and made some tiny little pennants, supaah fun and cute :)

So far so good :)

Now is the time to paper piece and make some embellishments for the layout.
So I picked my ever favorite Micia Stamp - You are special and paper pieced the smallest flower. Since my background is already so busy,  I decided on simple and few embellishments.

After the stamping the flowers, I fussy cut them and then treated them with a little bit of glimmer mist to give them some shine.

And then I added them to the layout after adding pearl centers to them. And that is it. I just added the title and the journaling and the layout was all done. Here's how the final layout looks :)

What do you think? Did it inspire you in any little way? I hope you are able to pick up a few little things from this post and give this month's challenge a try.

See ya soon again!

Monday 6 May 2013

Product Review - Chalkboard Paint

Yellow folks!!!

How have you all been? I'm sure everyone's been awesome. I'm really excited to be back. Well, technically, I was never away, but for the past few months I wasn't actively involved in 'creating' anything for Lulupu; just behind the scenes kind of a thing. But from this month onwards, I'll be sharing with you guys again and it feels really good.

As far as today's post is concerned, I'm going to be talking about a product from the Lulupu Store - the Chalkboard Paint. It is such a great product that I am kind of feeling bad about buying it months ago but using it only in the past few days, that too, just because I had to review it. Sigh!! Married life leaves little time for other things. :P

Friday 3 May 2013

Design Team Call -

Hello Everyone,

As we move to the mid year we have some new and exciting news along with some goodbyes to share. Our DT team has been with us for almost 6 months and its time for to invite and welcome new and fresh talent to share their love of paper-crafting with the world..... yes we also have many international crafts visiting us every now and then!

We will miss our current Design team including Ujjwal, Snehal, Indira and Isha who have flooded us with some of the best creations and amazing tutorials. We wish them all the very best post their time with us here in June!

So the exciting news as you all might have concluded is..... yes we are out and looking for some talented ladies out there! Details as below:

 Please feel free to share the DT Call Badge on your blog if you would like to help us spread the word

Term: July 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013

Benefits of designing for Supply of our high-quality, mix and match kits to get started
  • 10% (15% on selected items) off any supplies from our store the length of your term
  • Bonus Rs.500 Voucher for your birthday month if it falls during the tenure of your stay as a DT
  • Selection of new supplies/products shipped to you from time to time
  • DT badge to display on your blog
  • Custom watermark to use on your Lulupu Projects
  • Exposure with links on our website, Lulupu Blog, and features on our Facebook page and newsletter
  • Participation in our other promotional activities (Participation optional, but encouraged.)

What we're looking for:

  • An active blog that you've maintained for a minimum of 6 months
  • Positive attitude, team players, people who are willing to share feedback, take responsibilities proactively and communication within our Design Team Communicty (area designated just for DT members)
  • Support fellow teammates by visiting their blogs often & leaving feedback when possible
  • You must have a camera with good photography skills (light & bright photos)
  • Ability to create tutorials (Picture/Video) and showcasing your ideas and techniques else willing to learn and adapt.
  • Ability to meet deadlines

If this sounds like something you'd love to be a part of, please send an email to:
with a  

…and include the following info:
1. Your full name, email address, phone number, City and a link to your blog {if you do not want to provide your phone number, please supply an alternate contact method.}
2. Your creative resume, if applicable.
3. Photos or links to 3-5 favorite projects you've created which showcases your versatility as a crafter. You may add a line or two to describe your projects. Lulupu projects are great, but not required!
4. Any current DT's you are on or have been on. It is absolutely ok if you are on another DT as long as it’s not a Indian Craft Store similar to ours and promoting similar products, we just want to be sure everyone can commit to the DT requirements we have set up. 
5. Why you think you'd be a great fit for Lulupu - The Craft Lounge! This call is open to ALL paper crafters - we'd love to see what you've created! Please let us know any and all electronic cutting software you are familiar with and have access to (if applicable) along with the craft supplies you currently work with.

This call will remain open until May 20th - 11:59 pm IST. 

Selected Candidates will be sent further details before we finalize the team. is a wonderful Online Craft and Hobby store in India to design for! If you have ever wished that you could be on our design team, I hope that you will give it your best shot! You never know... we may just pick you!