Thursday 23 May 2013

Make the most of your Double-sided PP

Hi people! As you know for the second part of this month, the design team is focusing on "Maximizing pattern papers". So for my inspiration for today is : Making most of your double sided patterned papers and make your own embellishments with PP.

But before that, I want to let you all know that the winner for the 200 Follower Giveaway will be announced tomorrow. So good luck to all those to played along. :)

Now back to today's post. I made this cute little favor bag with a 6x6 MME Blink of an Eye paper pad. When I was thinking for ideas for making the most of patterned papers, I thought in the reverse order. Which are the products where I would want to have the design show on the inside as well. So I came up with the idea of a favor box. I guess these are one of the best uses of double sided PP, as you not only want the bag to look pretty on the outside, but also want it to have some color and design on the inner side.

I faced one challenge while making the bag. This favor bag template was bigger than the PP that I wanted to use for the bag. So I did some manipulation to get it right. The pitcures below will help you understand better.

I cut the template in such a manner on 2 6x6 sheets that they would overlap at the bottom and would not reveal any joints on the front and back sides.

 Then I flipped it and glued the base together and assembled the bag.

Now, on to the second use of double sided PP and also a quick DIY on how to make your own embellishments. Actually, this was a ribbon bow idea that I had learnt long time back for gift wrapping. I wanted to give it a try using papers and what better than a double sided PP that has some cute designs peeping on the inside as well.

I cut strips of PP in two sizes. One for the outer layer and one for the inner layer.
Fold them into half and mark the center. Then bring both ends to the center point and glue them.

Once all the strips are folded and glued, simply place them on top of one another to make a bow. You can use another piece of paper for the center part or use any other embellishment like buttons/beads, etc.Voila, your pretty bow is ready!!

 Hope you like my cute little favor box idea and the DIY bow! Cya soon!


  1. Great idea Indira, I also hate to stick double sided PP cause that will hide the other side.

  2. Thanks for sharing the new ideas Indira..

  3. Neat idea and thanks for the tut on the favour box and the bow.

  4. super cute! i hate wasting double sided PP and this one wld be a nice way to show off both the patterns!

  5. Loved the favor bag and your idea too ! Thanks for sharing !

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  7. What a fabulous way to use the double sided PP Indira ...thank you so much for sharing this tute..your favor bag looks soooo pretty !!

  8. Lovely use n super duper favour bag indira

  9. Nice idea..those embellishments make it look cuter..


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