Sunday 23 September 2012

This used to be.. a toilet paper roll

Heya people,
How pretty is Nikita's glammed up book cover?!! I am in love with it! I think, we crafters can never have enough boxes to store all our magic tools. Atleast I don't! Every-time I sit down to organize my craft supplies I always feel the need to buy more and more boxes for storage purposes. But when you see such awesome inspirations as our DT member, Nikita, displayed here, it only opens up numerous possibilities to make some of your own storage ideas with the stuff lying around in your house!
Anyway, am Shruti here and am back to show how I transformed this little used up toilet roll

into this cute little owl!

How cute are his eyes?! hehe..
Firstly I painted the tissue roll with white acrylic paint.. I layered it with two coats to give it an opaque look. I later pinched the top and bottom of the roll and glued it together using a strong adhesive. Embellish your little owl however you want.. you may even draw or paint on it if you are not a big fan of punch craft..
I plan to hang it with a little ribbon or a twine in my car.. How cute will that be?! Right now it sits cutely on my center table pooling in all the attention it can! *winks* 

Supplies used: 
 * Pie lane buttons
* White acrylic paint
* White cardstock
* Pattern paper
* Glue

See you next time!

                                                                                               Inspiration from: Pinterest*


  1. this is so cute.... love it... would look great as a car hanging...!!

  2. I really liked your Idea..The owl looks so adorable..Could make a perfect car-hanging ..:)

  3. Really cute. And superb idea to use it as a car hanging.

  4. Thats sooo cute and adorable!!!! Sure a superb car deco and can also be an absolutely marvelous Halloween deco!!! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  5. Owl always be cute! loved it Shruti! the eyes are the bestest ;)

  6. good one. But thats not ur idea making this with toilet roll. on internet load of people have done this. u have not even provioded any links where they are already existed on internet.

    1. Dear Priya,

      Yes, this is an inspiration of many such tissue roll owls you get to see on the web.. and I wanted to make one of my own and share it with the audiences here at Lulupu.. :)




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