Sunday 16 September 2012

This used to be... a book cover. Or something like that.

 Hello everyone,

This is Nikita and I am back with another project for you that is in line with this month's challenge. I had a pretty hard time coming up with something, but this is something that has been lying in front of me the whole of last week, so I thought, why not?

Before that, just a small update. The submissions for this month's challenge will close on the 28th. Also, from next month, all submissions for challenges shall close on the 28th of that month. :)

As I was saying, I bought The Fifty Shades trilogy last weekend, and before I get any judgemental glances, let me clear the air by saying that I had no idea what the book was about and I bought it only because the banner at the book store said it was a best seller, not to mention that the synopsis behind the book categorises it as 'Romance' which I later realised, it clearly is NOT. But I am not here to do a book review, I am here to make something out of it.

The books came wrapped in a thick cardboard cover which looks like this. I have pictures with the three books inside it as well as without it.

I wasn't planning on storing the books inside the box kind of thing, so I decided to convert it into something else. So I made a mailbox out of it... Not the kind that we put outside our homes, but something I could keep on my desk to hold envelopes, letters and other documentation.

All I had to do was measure the box and cover it up with pattern paper. Seal the edges with Washi Tape (I just love how versatile those tapes can be.. especially when they can be used to neatly cover the edges in such projects.) Then I added some pearls and used thickers to spell the word "Mail." I then embossed a few envelopes in gold, cut them out and this is how the whole thing turned out! :) And it took a little less than an hour (and even that because I was running between two rooms to catch some TV) to get this done.

Here is how it looks!! :)

Here is the list of supplies I used:

1. Patterned paper - Grace Taylor (Vintage Collection)
2. Pearls - Locally purchased.
3. Stamp Set - Sending my love (Unity Stamps)
4. White gel pen

Other Supplies..

I hope this was inspiring.. Looking forward to see what you guys come up with..

Have a nice Sunday..

Nikita.. :)


  1. OMG!!! this is absolutely gorgeous..and seeing the way you have transformed this book cover into this beautiful shabby chic creation i am having a Deja-vu moment...i just have completed a recycled project using same style and hoping to share it soon :)

  2. What a fabulous creation! Nikita your ideas are truly amazing.Loved it a lot. Awesome shabby chic creation.

  3. Wow!! This is gorgeous. Love the way u have made those lil envelopes.

  4. thats an awesome the washi tape,so perfect for the overall look..fabulous !!

  5. This is great.. Great showcase of the paper but my fav element are the embossed envelopes.. They look super cute..!!

  6. Fantastic idea and execution.Loved the way you transformed it

  7. super cool

  8. very nice... I love the PP...and washi tape looks so beautiful..amazing idea..and the tiny envelopes are so pretty... :)

  9. Oh wow nikita ! love those !! :) such beautiful projects !


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