Monday 20 August 2012

Quilled Embellishments

Good morning people... :D :D

I've been having a great time learning how to make embellishments on my own from the lovely ladies on our team. And I can see that you guys have been having a great time playing along too. So allow me to add a few tips at making your own embellishments, using Quilling strips.

I have had the chance to go through the submissions for this month's challenge and many of you have used Quilling. :) But I would like to mention one thing though. Most of the Quilling I have seen only has flowers and leaves or variations of that. But there is so much more that can be done with Quilling. You can try anything from animals to birds to even food items like cup cakes (I've seen Quilled cupcakes and chocolates, and they look yum!!!!) The list is endless. It's just a suggestion and you have eleven more days to come up with something awesome and we can't wait to see what you guys cook up.

Speaking of doing something other than flowers for Quilling, I decided to go with fruit. Not something very difficult or complicated, but fairly simple - a Lemon. You go about making it just as you would make a flower, but with a few things different.

I also made a braid using the Quilling strips. Here are a few pictures of the card I made...

To know more about how the card was made, watch the video..

Supply List

Hope you guys had fun!! See you soon!! Keep Quilling...



  1. Nice idea.very cool.Love the braid and the quilled lemon.Thanks for sharing and for teh inspiration.

  2. loved the braid idea that's brilliant!! your card looks so fresh and pretty .....lovely choice of colors Too!!Thanks for sharing :)

  3. OMG the braid is totally gorgeous! love the unusual color combo too

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  5. The braid idea is just out of this world.. Loved it :)


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