Friday 27 July 2012

"Hello" - Handmade Mesh and Heat Embossing

Heya friends!!

I hope you guys are having fun with this month’s theme of mini albums.. You’ve got two more days to enter our monthly challenge!! So better hurry…

Check the link below for more details..

Now for the card I made today..

It’s a fun little card.. I’ve woven strips of card stock together for the background! The butterfly is clear embossed and later colored using Micia’s blue pigment inkpad!! I am in love with this ink color.. it seems a bit different in the photo but in actuality it’s a very pretty deep blue color.. a very rare color to find, I think! This color will definitely make it to my top 10 favorite ink colors. :) The texture of the ink is very nice and not too creamy which makes it very easy to work with.

I also did a little experiment of embossing on a Washi tape.. and here is the result!! The sentiment embossed just perfect! Do make sure to rub your anti-static pad on the tape before you emboss.

TIP: If you dont an anti-static pad then just substitute it by rubbing some talcum powder on the surface before you emboss.

Thats all for today, folks!

Promise to be back with another fun project soon!

Until then, happy crafting!

- Shruti

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  1. What a beautiful card Shruti ..i love the paper weaving idea and that embossed butterfly...its gorgeous!!!

  2. Wow! love the weaving idea! and i love that embossed flutter! u can emboss on washi tape too? really? only u can come up with such stuff! :D

    Real cute card! so elegant and pretty!

  3. Okay there are three things I like a lot...infact Love about this card and they are
    1.The weaving
    2.The novel heat embossing idea on the washi tape
    3.The beautiful butterfly
    4.Love the circles added as the border.And love the different colours.
    Heck I love the card.

  4. Love the card...the butterfly..the calls lilies..the weaving..beautiful!!

  5. wow beautiful card... love the weaving idea...


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