Tuesday 1 May 2012

six-fold card

Hey peeps,

Happy Tuesday.. What's been cooking.. A brand new month has started to bring out all the new creative juices from all the talented crafters all around.. Just a note to bring to attention before I move onto my card.. We have a DT call going on at Lulupu from the 1st of May to the 15th.. Please check the blog here for details..

Last month in Lulupu you saw us celebrating our creations for our mother's.. This whole month is gonna be a dazzler.. You would get to now why...

Today I am sharing a very fun fold card called the six-fold card.. I had seen the tutorial for it online or rather should I say Shruti had shown it to me and I promptly fell in love with it ( secret which not so secret- I love FANCY FOLDS)

So without rambling here goes.. Posting a tute for it along with the pics... Your finished card would be 4*4 in size.. perfect for posting.. :)

You need an 8"x12" size of CS.. I have used black.. I am actually in love with black card stock or the moment...

Score it at 4" and 8" on the 12" side. Turn your card stock 90 degrees and score at 2" and 6'. Now your CS would look the picture below.

 Can you see the score lines clearly in the picture??

Now keeping the card stock lengthwise with the 8' side on the top, cut off the top and bottom panels on your right hand side.. from the edge to the score lines removing it completely. You will understand better once you see the picture

eww I seemed to have missed a step while clicking the pics... Damn.. Anyhow let me explain it through the pic only...If you look at the pic.. On the top right hand side, the part has been removed completely, from the edge to where the score lines meet.. You have to do the same thing for the extreme left panel too so that just the center panel remains.

Now when you look at the center of the Card stock, you would see three equal 4' squares.. The left square cut diagonally as shown in the picture above.

You have the do the same thing on the extreme right hand square keeping in mind that the direction of your diagonal should be the same as the one in the left. It would ultimately end up looking like the pic below.

Now you can see the three panels on the bottom side of your scored card stock.. You have to make horizontal cuts from the left to the right till the score line. DO not cut off the entire panel.. Just a slit...These horizontal slits would give you folding flaps while removing a triangle on the right side square. your card stock should look like the pic below once you have made the horizontal slits..

This is what your Card stock should look like after all the scoring and cutting.. You can see the folding flaps in the bottom after the horizontal slits made on the card stock.. Your card is now ready to be embellished.. Normally a ribbon is tied to keep the card folded, but IO realized that having a belly band around it makes more sense and keeps the card folded very properly.. I unfortunately do not have the measurement for the belly band.. I make it by trial and error...

The pictures below would show you how my finished card looks like

This is my finished card.. The PPs look gorgeous against black..

Supplies used:-
Black card stock=> Locally bought
PPs:-Hello Sunshine double sided cardstock 12x12-Glow
         Hello Sunshine double sided cardstock 12x12-Zippy
          Fashion District Custom Value Pack paper pad 12x12
Stamp=> HA Antique Engravings
Coloring medium=> Staedler water color pencils
Other tools Sure cut deluxe paper trimmer 12' and Scor Pal scoring tool
All digis are from the net and sentiments from Itsy Bitsy
Bling from stash        

Thanks for dropping by.. For nay questions please feel free to drop in a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks a ton for dropping by.. Comments totally appreciated and valued.. Have a great day



  1. great tutorial...thanks for sharing

  2. excellent folded card..love your card very very much..every part of it..will try it soon..thanks for sharing the tutorial !!

  3. oh wow this is just gorgeous!! i love this fold card...i think i have to give this a try!! Thank you so much for the tutorial:)

  4. U did it again!! :) Suppak tutorial..

  5. What a wonderful array of folds-- I must try this! Thank You for the tutorial khush...you are a dear!

  6. Lovely folds.. its such a great card with full of surprise elements.. thanks for the tutorial.. PPs are fabbie!

  7. What a card and what a tutorial?Love the finished product and also the cool usage of PP.no wonder you love these cards Khush.you are a pro at it.

  8. Amazing Card Khsuh Dee! and yes, making 6 fold cards is real fun :)

  9. OMG!!! dats a gorgeous card Khush... specially looove the butterfly topper!!! awesumm...

  10. This is so so you!! love the folds and the PP you used is amazing!! esp the one on front..and that butterfly!! sigh!! to die for!! super!!!

    Super super awesome...you truly rock the fun folds!!

  11. It's super fabbie :)Loved the PPs and the buterfly on the belly band is just gorgeous!!

  12. Wow! great card, and love all the elements as the card is unfolded. Very pretty - the belly band is so colorful!

  13. Wow Khushboo!!! This is sooo colouful and pretty!!!! I am definitely going to give this a try... and soon!!! :)

  14. Superb card. I loved the PPs, the colors, the belly band, the butterfly and everything. I also tried the folds on a rough paper without perfect measurements. I am waiting for my PPs to arrive from Lulupu and will come up with something and share and your comments for improvement (there will be many) are awaited.
    Thanks Khush!!! You simply rock...

  15. Wow...Thanks for the tutorial...LOvd the folds


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