Tuesday 10 April 2012

Cut n Tuc Templates are here!!

Hey Its Tejal here, with a non-card post! On My first post, I had made a video for making a card, and had used a Cut - n- tuc template....And had a lot of queries for that....Now that Cut n Tuc templates are finally available at Lulupu.com, I thought of re-posting a small post I'd done on my blog a year and half back (with modifications of course)

To use the templates, you will need a
1) Perforating Mat (a foam pad will do / and all you punch craft enthusiasts can use your embossing mat too...and sometimes when I can't find any of these,  I will use my mouse pad upside down!!)
2). A Rotating knife and your
3). Templates....

 You stack your foam mat, then your paper and then the template and then cut.

Here's a snippet of the that video showing just how I use my templates.

Tip - Do not try to cut directly on your cutting mat (the green one in the picture) , you will not get perfect cuts. It needs the foam mat to push the knife into the grooves.

The foam mat on left is from Shilpi (Available at lulupu.com) and one of right is the one from my parchment kit.

 Now as to why are my templates multi-colored?

 Its a tip I learnt form SCS (splitcoast stampers) Color ever circle a different color, so that you remember which one you are cutting.. Else I might start at circle one on the right and circle two on left!!!
... Trust me, I've done that..Sketch pens won't work...Use any kind of Permanent markers...  OHP Markers/sharpies/copics will work

3. The rotating knife/swivel knife-  a must. I've tried other blades but the grooves are too thin and a straight blade, while helping you to cut may scratch the grooves of the template.
Do keep spare blades with you... Since it gets wedged between the two groves, there is a good chance you will break it.
 Most importantly, direction of the blade in the groove is very important. Keep the sharp edge of the blade in the direction in which you are cutting. Should minimize the breakage of the blade.

If there are any more questions, bring it on. I'd love to help you as much as I can.

All of these can be found at your nearest Shilpi store and now at Lulup.com too...
A whole kit comprising of the circle templates, the Perforating pad and the rotating knife is available at Lulupu.com. Click here to buy it.

Have you checked out the give-away in the previous post yet?

Till the next inspiring post....keep crafting!


  1. A very informative post. Before this I did not know what is the cut n tuc templates all about. Very nice Tejal.

  2. how easy it to cut circle using this template...first time saw it's the usage..Thanks for sharing Tejal !!

  3. its so easy to cut perfect shapes. Thanks Tejal for this post and sharing the valuable to us! :)

  4. Hi wat cutting mat u using?? I mean the green one.. Is it available on ur site?? Is it magnetic??


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