Monday 15 February 2016

Product Highlight: Techniques using inka Gold

Hello Everyone

Today I will be sharing with you several techniques to use the awesome product Inka Gold that's now available on store.
Inka gold is metallic water soluble paint with a creamy texture with beeswax being the main ingredient it is non-toxic and had a super fast drying time. Works well with porous surface and is available in a wide range of color. It can be used for giving a metallic finish to all your craft and home decor items. You can buy it here.

So I had this really pretty Inka Gold in silver color and started experimenting on them to see how we could use this one product on different surfaces.

So here are some different ways you can use it with paper

  1) Inka gold with stencil

You can use a makeup foam or your fingers to apply it to your surface. Here I used a makeup applicator to apply Inka gold over my stencil , first using a good amount of inka gold for an opaque and vivid image 

And then I had wet my sponge with water and used it again over the stencil and got a lighter effect

so you can either use a thick coat for a dark and vibrant effect or dilute it for a lighter and more subtle effect.

2) Diluted Inka Gold
Diluted inka gold applied on paper gives a very shimmery/ glittery look….. the camera couldn’t capture the effect but it looks really pretty   

3)Inka Gold and pallet knife –

Scoop little amount of inka gold and apply it on your surface using pallet knife and spread with it in different direction to achieve this look. This will look great for mixed media backgrounds too. You could also mix different shades to achieve a new level of artwork.

4) Water coloring/ brush lettering –
Scoop a little bit of inka gold on your craft mat or on a piece of plastic and add water to reach to your desired consistency and now you can paint with it or write with it J  

you can also water color over the stencil to have more control..

5)Inka gold spray
Mix inka gold and water in a spray bottle to get your own spray….. adding a really little amount will result in a beautiful glitter mist and the more you add, the more opaque the color becomes.

6) Inka gold on embossed paper 
 Here I embossed a red colour cardstock with the pretty floral embossing folder and then using my fingers applied it on both the sides of the paper and it gives a really beautiful effect on the raised and well as the flat side…  

this is a closeup of the raised side.

Inka gold applied on the opposite side 

7) Inka gold on metal and wood-
Inka gold can also be used to alter the color of wood and metal. So its a perfect product ti work with various mediums to alter the look to your desired colour n look.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about this awesome product that helps to create so many different looks. Do try it once and I will be happy to help you with more details if you have any queries. 



  1. Awesome techniques & great results :) Very useful info.! TFS <3

  2. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Too good, Roshni .. You are tempting me to buy inka gold. The results look amazing. :)

  4. So beautifully written Roshni...fabulous post!!

  5. Inka gold results are so amazing! Thanks for sharing Roshni- your creations are superb! :)
    Suchi xx


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