Monday 2 November 2015

Challenge #55 - Make a Mini + Tutorial

Hello creatives,

Lets start with a round of applause for all who joined us last month - 53 gorgeous entries! I hope you all feel as motivated and enthusiastic about this month's theme

Make a Mini

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Special rules for this challenge:
1. Construct a mini, don't use a ready available album (example mdf album)
2. You can use any binding, any theme
3. Submit entries by 30 November, 2015, 11.55pm IST

The challenge winner will receive a goodie bag from Lulupu.

Ive made a cupcake shaped mini album and have a tutorial on creating the cover page and tips for decorating your albums.  Its not long post, but hope it brightens up your Monday :)
Are you ready to get started? Here is how the cover came into being.
Step1: Using a template, cut out cupcake outlines from Simple Life Echo Park 6x6 papers. These are double sided, so you already have a background for the other side.
Step2: Trace only the base of the cupcake ( not the cream) onto vellum or acetate. Handstich the vellum to one of the cupcake cutouts, I forgot to click, but you'll understand what I'm talking about in a minute. Fill it up with sequins - gold, grey. Ive also added some star confetti.
Step5: Seal shut with double sided tape. This part is a bit tricky, but patience pays :) in the form of clean finishing. You will now have something like this ( minus eyelets and stickers)

Next step is to create the focal points for each page aka embellishments. This was by far the most enjoyable and time consuming part of the project.
Ive used crate paper open book 12x12 papers and the ephemera pack and they matched  the colour theme quite well. My two tips when it comes to embellishments:
1. Mix and match  whatever is in your stash.
2. Layering - Experiment with combining  different materials  - lace, vellum, chipboard, acetate
Some details- the clothespin holding the butterfly had been glittered using the fine tip zig pen, the pinwheel  is held together  with American crafts glitter brad, the big heart sticker has an action wobble below it and finally the little moments base comes from Maggi Holmes ephemera packaging.
Can you see gold tape peeking through some of the layers- totally in love with this tape.

Using the crop-a-dile, attach green eyelets to all the pages. Finally assemble all the pages. Here is a close up of the pages.
And the other side.

In my second post this month, I will be taking you through more details of each page.
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  1. Woohooo! Love it Kripa.. The colour combos are gorgeous..

  2. OMG, this is gorgeous! My fav part is how you have patiently created the embellishments! Waiting for the rest of the tutorial!

  3. Wow! This cutest cupcake mini! Love all the flavored papers with gorgeous embellishments and your shaker idea is brilliant! Love it!

    1. Thank you very much for your sweet comment Vinita.

  4. Very adorable mini album!! It is a work of patience...and art...great going Kripa! :)
    Suchi xx

  5. What a cute mini :) luvv the cupcakes & all the sprinkles ;)

  6. What a cute mini :) luvv the cupcakes & all the sprinkles ;)

  7. Jus love the cute mini album...Its loaded with pretty tiny detailings..Love it totally, Kripa !!

  8. Love the inspiration!
    Unable to find the link to post the challenge entry! Please help. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you Shireen!
      You can link up the entries now!

  9. Such an adorable mini! Just want to know if only mini albums qualify for this challenge or journals and the like also? Thanks.

    1. Thank you Rupa.
      Only Mini albums made from the scratch qualify for this challenge!

  10. absolutely adorable !! thanks for the tutorial Kripa !!

  11. Such a cute mini cup cake Album.

  12. Lovely mini album Kripa!!! loved the cupcake and shaker element. Thanks for sharing tutorial.

  13. Lovely mini album Kripa!!! loved the cupcake and shaker element. Thanks for sharing tutorial.

  14. Hey Kripa!! Lovely tutorial. Thank you for sharing. I have added my project for this challenge. :)

  15. Hi in the rules it is mentioned that the last date for submitting the entires is nov 30 11.55 pm IST. The time now is 9.30 pm IST. But the linkup is closed. How to enter my project??


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