Friday 17 April 2015

Altered Magazine holder : Traditional and modern - A tasteful blend!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope this months theme is keeping you all busy with those vibrant watercolors!!! I'm so delighted to find you all enjoying the same and participating in our this months challenge. 

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My post today is of something which is not very directly related to this months theme, but a little(just the painting part). I always love making something for my home, which I do rarely because of a lotta reasons, *sigh* and which I hope to do more in the future. 

This  post is all about balancing the newer techniques of Mixed media with the traditional Indian paintings being the focal point. Mughal Era- everything about that time is so rustic and enchanting that I had to do this absolutely (another reason for doing that was the switch to seeing the 'Akbar-Birbal' show on the TV). While my husband was soo intrigued about what would happen next, I kept on looking at the large than life paintings behind the actors and that's where the inspiration came (and many more are pouring in too)!!! 

I had this magazine holder and I wanted a very rustic yet filled with elegance look, and my usual floral style was a complete NO NO here! So after staring at it for days, the TV show gave me the aha-click moment I needed and here's what I converted it into (Well we craftsers, can get that inspiration from anywhere, right *wink wink*)

Tada.. here's my altered mixed media magazine holder.

I painted my holder with a green coat and a peacock blue coat about and once dried, I did a little sanding on the complete holder, so that the green color below popped up at a few place. 
I finally zeroed it down on making the queen first and since there's a back side, the king will follow soon !!! Well, drawing the queen's face was the most difficult part and it took me 4 attempts to get the right one, once I was happy with the way it turned out, I then coloured it and that part was soo much fun! I'm in awe that these people wore soo many precious jewels, and that too all day long !  Once the queen was done, I cut the silhouette, and did some painting on the magazine holder and made a few lotus flowers, didn't wanted them to be very perfect. I also used this awesome stencil which was kinda apt for a little  Zharokha to be made at one corner. 
The queen was then stuck to the holder with a generous coat of Mod Podge at both the sides. I also used some charcoal pencil to give a little shading at the outline of the queen's silhouette to make it blend with the surrounding color and voila, I'm done!

Here's a closeup of the pretty lady in all her glory (and those jewels *wink*)!

I hope you all liked my altered magazine holder and would love to get back to painting too!!! Painting is soo much fun and yes, for me, it give me immense happiness and I'm a lot relaxed when I do it!!! Do remember to participate here.

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Happy Crafting !

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  1. Oh Wow !! this is simply amazing work Manu ..Love the handpainted queen and the beautiful way you have done this magazine holder ..Its definitely a great addition to any home decor..Loved it !!

  2. Hey I thought we will get to see the Nawab on other side !:) .Its fab mix of traditional and trendy Manu and you handpainted Rani saheeba is AMazing !

  3. Admire the hand drawn queen Manu, beautiful!


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