Saturday 18 June 2016

Spotlight Designer : Chirali Shah

Hi, We are very excited to have the winner of our last challenge as our guest Designer this month. She is absolutely talented and is sharing a fab project with us too! welcome Chirali!

Hello people. I would like to thank the Lulupu Team for giving me this opportunity again. I hope you all like what I have created for GD post. Before we start, a little bit about me. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

My name is Chirali Shah. I am a Chartered Accountant in practice by profession and crafting is my passion. So it is not my whole time job. But yes, Someday I would love to dedicate my everyday to crafting. I live with my family in Ahmedabad. A family of Mom Dad Brother and Sister who has been married to the most loving and knowledgeable person. As I have recently got engaged to an Chartered Accountant, a personality beyond words, now I am the luckiest to have a second such family which is as supportive as mine.

2. How did you become interested in crafts and what inspired you to start blogging?

Before I got a Chartered degree, there was a high time when i badly wanted to do something that I love and by chance made a ring holder for sister's engagement, followed by birthday gifts for Jiju and a friend's sister. There I realised to make it professional. A friend's suggestion and family's support led me to step into this. As much as i explored, i found some people and blogs.

3. What are some of your "go-to" supplies for crafting?

My "go-to" supplies for crafting are WRMK trimmer and scorer, cutter, PPs and my favourite embellishments flowers, laces and nowadays charms too. 

4. What is your favorite crafting technique?

Embossing, mixed media and different styles of album bindings are my most favourite.

5. How would you describe your crafting style?

Colourful and floral.

6. How long have you been crafting?

Since 2 years. 

7. My signature style

Arrangement of flowers. They will be arranged in one corner followed by lighter amount of flowers on opposite corner. 

8. Who are some of your influences? Who has been your inspiration?

Almost every person whether she is new or experienced. A big inspiration is Mallika Kejriwal. 

9. When not crafting , what keeps you busy?

My profession, movies and hanging out with friends.

10. What are you currently working on?

Currently i am working on a binding of a handmade diary.

So here is what I have created for my GD post, a Bird House along with pictorial.

Let’s start with tutorial:
For base of a house, take a paper of 15”x7.5” and score the same horizontally at 0.5””, 3.5”, 7.5”, 10.5” and 14.5”.

Score the same paper vertically at 0.5” and 3.5” and cut 3.5”x10” as shown below:

Cut the edges of 0.5” portions as shown in image to make a final box. Adhere all 0.5” portions to respective sides:

A final box will be of 4”x3”x4”:

To cover the house, take a paper of 4 7/8”x5 7/8”, score the same at 1” on all four sides, cut each 1” corner on one side and adhere to it’s next 1”:

Take a paper of 4”x3.5” and stick the same on above cover:

Now, rooftop of the house. Take two papers of 4.50”x2.50”, score the same horizontally at 0.5”, 2.25” and 4” and vertically at 0.5”. Then score to make a triangle from 2.25” to corner of vertical score of 0.5”. After that, cut almost 0.5” more than triangle score and cut the edges as shown in image. Adhere the same to cover of the box by tacky tape at vertical 0.5”score.

Take 6.25”x5” paper and score both the sides at 0.5” to perfectly stick the same on triangles keeping 0.5” scored lines outer than triangles as it is 0.5” wider on both the sides than triangles.

House is ready so now it’s time to make a base for house. Take a paper of 14.5”x6.5” and score the same at 1”, 7”, 8” and 14” horizontally and 0.5”, 1” vertically. Cut 1.5”x7.5” from vertical score and then stick the same as we did in base box of the house. You will  end up with 5”x6” box.

To make a drawer, take 7 5/8x6 5/8 paper, score the same at 1” on four sides and then same process as we did in cover of the house. I forgot to take a picture of it.

To make stairs, take a paper of 2.5”x4” and score the same at 0.5”, 1”,1.5” and 2” vertically and 0.5”, 1”, 3” and 3.5” horizontally. Then cut the same as shown in image, stick both the sides 0.5”x0.5” portions and one 0.5”x2” portion inside to make a 0.5”x2” box as a stair. Stick two such boxes with a small stripe so that it become a staircase and then adhere the upper stair  to drawer:

Final House:

Now start decorating it as you like. I have used Butterfly Garden stack of DCWV, some laces and flowers from my stash and a Gorjuss girl to complete the look. So here is mine:

Some close-ups:

If open:

I hope you enjoyed it. If any queries, feel free to ask. J

Thank you.

Chirali Shah.


  1. Completely gorgeous.thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Wow..Such a Beautiful Bird house Gift Box Chirali !!The personal is going to cherish it for ever ,loved the clearly explained tutorial and reading about you :)

    btw : Congrats on your Engagement !

    1. Thank you so very much for such a beautiful comment. Thanks a lot. ☺️ :)

  3. A gorgeous project & a very well explained tute :) <3
    Congrats on ur engagement & GDT :)

  4. Hey Chirali ! So good to have you as a GD here and it was lovely reading more about you. Your bird house is just fabulous. I loved the tutorial too. TFS :)

  5. Lovely! All the best !
    And very useful tutorial.


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