Saturday 1 September 2012

Challenge # 4 - This used to be... a Cereal Box!!

Good morning people!!

Welcome to a brand new month, with a brand new Challenge and lots and lots of cool stuff that we will unveil one by one.

Throughout September, you are going to see our Design Team come up with inspiring ideas for this month's challenge; which is, ah ha...... hold on ;)

I wanna show you what I made before I announce the challenge and I hope you guess it :)

Let me show you what I did. I took a simple cereal box, the smallest one available...

...and made it into a TV!!!!!

The content inside the TV is movable... Here are more pictures of the TV 

To see how I made this in detail, watch the video.

A few tips while you’re making this cute TV...
1.       Use a very thin/light weight paper for the contents of the inside of the card because the thicker the paper, the more it will be difficult for it to roll around the pencil/stick.
2.       DO NOT use photos on layers (even a second layer of thin paper) on this inside. It will spoil it when you’re rolling it. Stamps are the best way to decorate and embellish the contents of the TV.
3.       If you want to add photos, print it directly on the sheet that you plan to use on the inside. That way, you won’t be adding layers.
4.       It may be a good idea to use a strong tape/adhesive while gluing the ends of the joined sheet to the pencil/stick. However, for putting the pieces of the sheet itself together, I have realised that washi tape is better than scotch tape as it is very very thin and makes rolling the sheets easier.

The challenge this month is of course - you guessed it -

This used to be....!

Here is what we are looking for! 
Select any article/object of your choice, add your magic to it  and transform it into something completely different. The only consideration is that the end result should be NOTHING like what it was before.So its important you post a BEFORE and a AFTER picture for the DT to judge. We are looking for some real transformation and not just the routine craft recycle stuff!! Your basic article can be any size or shape..just about anything that catches your fancy. You are only limited by your imagination. Dont worry this month onwards the DT will showcase their first projects within first 10 days so you have enough inspiration coming in! Remember we are looking for a unique project.... so put your thinking caps on! I hope we have really challenged you!

To participate ensure you follow all our rules and help us comment by removing the word verification please :)

What's more?! The winner gets a gift voucher worth Rs.300 to shop at!!! :D and will also be invited to do a guest DT post for our next Challenge! How cool is that?!

Not to forget, we would have top 3 winners who get to show off our kewl blinkie!

You have until the end of this month - 30th September to link up your projects.
* Title your posts/projects as "This used to be, a ______" (Check out mine for reference) and explain your project idea in 2 lines for us.
No Back linking please. We want to see what you make post this challenge is announced.
* It is not necessary to use items purchased from (though we would love it if you do and link back to our shop). 
* Its important to link back to this challenge page with inklinz and drop a message in the comment box to alert our DT. If you do not have a Blog, mail your entry to and leave a comment for us again!
* You can link up your creation to a maximum of 5 challenges ONLY including this one to qualify. 

* Maximum 2 entries per person. Please add (2) for your second entry against your name.
* The challenge is open to only Indian nationals.


Supplies used:

 Cereal box (100 gms)
  Small circle punch
 Stamp Sets – The Stamps of Life


  1. Lovely idea.I remember doing it for my daughter with a story...but a tv with photos is super cool.Thanks for the tute

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  11. Wow nice challenge !!!!participating after a very long time . Thanks for giving us this chance

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