Tuesday 28 August 2012

How to make a PinWheel Embellishment

I have always loved Pinwheels on cards and layouts and untill yesterday thought that they needed expensive dies to make, but guess what not only do they NOT need any dies they are also extremely easy to make! Incase you've also wanted to make a pinwheel and thought they were too much work this tutorial is just for you!
You will need:
1. A square piece of double sided patterned paper,
2. Decorative brads or buttons for the pinwheel center
3. Used glitter pen refill for the pinwheel stick, I say glitter pen refill cause these are thicker than a regular ball point pen refill, you can use either.
4. Washi tape in coordinating colors to cover the refill.
5. Some ribbon for the bow on the stick (this is optional).
6. Scissors, stapler, glue, hot glue gun (optional, you can use fevicol or any other craft glue instead).

First up cut your double sided patterned paper into a square of desired dimension. I used a 2.5x2.5inch piece of paper to create a pinwheel embellishment for a 6.5x6.5inch card.
Make diagonal cuts from each corner of the square towards the center. Do not cut all the way through to the center, stop a little before it. You will get four sections which look like this.
Fold over one corner of one section into the center of the square.
Repeat with the same corner for the rest of the sections, your paper should look like this.
Make sure that all the corners overlap a bit and staple them in place.
Place a brad or button to cover up the staple.
Now for the stick, cover up the used refill with washi or any other decorative tape and secure it behind your pinwheel with hot glue. You can also hot glue a small bow on the stick.
This is what my finished Pinwheel looks like
and here's a finished card with the Pinwheel.
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  1. You know, I tried to make this before and I was struggling to get all the flaps together... Even glossy accents didn't seem to hold them in place.. But stapling it seems so easy and mess-free. I wish I knew this.. Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. I tried pinwheels... I love pinwheels.. I sue glue dots to hold them in place but this is even easier.. Great one Juhi!

  3. What a fun tutorial!Loved the pinwheel and the stapling tip.Also the card is very pretty.Thanks for sharing this tute.

  4. Very pretty card..love the idea of putting brad in pinwheel center !!

  5. pin wheel is good and very easy idea to embellish a card. i like such embellishment more rather than flower 'coz there are lots of tutorials on net for flower.


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