Tuesday, 31 July 2012

All about Mini Albums, Tutorial and Challenge!

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Hey everyone this is Shruti here!

I hope all of you had good fun joining us in our Stamping Challenge last month.. and also got to learn few tips and tricks on stamping from our fabulous design team here at Lulupu!

This month will be even more fun!! July is going to be all about mini albums and scrapbooking. There are so many different types of mini albums that I know a month may not be enough to cover all of them.. yet, we promise to come up with tutorials and creative ideas to make different types of mini album!! You can use about anything to make a beautiful memory keepsake.. Like paper bags, used CDs, cardboard boxes, envelopes, playing cards, old books, etc. etc. etc.. the list is never ending. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to create a mini album.. Its about putting your creativity at work!!

Mini albums are a great way to preserve memories from your life or from a special event like a trip you’d taken with family, etc. Sometimes you may want to share an experience through scrapbooking that won't take up an entire large album. That is where “Mini Albums” enter!

What I have for you today is a very small mini album. It’s called the Meandering mini album. This album looks like a small pocket book.

And now.. a quick tutorial on how to make this cute little mini.. :)

Am sure you must have guessed by now what this month's challenge is going to be. Yes!! The July challenge is to make a mini. It could be any sized or shaped mini album! You could make one using scraps, old CDs.. absolutely anything.. You're only limited by your creativity!

Whats more?! The winner gets a gift voucher worth Rs.300 to shop at www.lulupu.com!!! :D How cool is that?!

You have until the end of this month to link up your project.
* It is not necessary to use items purchased from Lulupu.com (though we would love it if you do).
* You can link up your creation to a maximum of 5 challenges including this one.
* The challenge is open to only Indian nationals.
* No Back linking please. We would love to see what you make post this challenge is announced.
* Maximum 2 entries per person will be allowed
* Please share your entry on our FB page with a link to your post under the July Challenge Album. This is not compulsory but we would love to share your work with craft lovers!
* Lastly please link back to this challenge page.

Supplies Used:

Welcome to Lulupu's Mini Album Challenge! Please click on the blue box below by Inlinkz to upload your card and a direct link to your website.


  1. Wow! I love making minis..aftr completing my first one im just addicted to mini albums.:) will get a lot to learn you guys this month..

  2. such a cutie!! Your tute is just perfect girl! Super sweet stuff! :D

  3. This is such a cute Mini...so bright and sunny.What a great start to the month!Nice tute too.

  4. OMG this is so so cute, I have to make something like this my my little girl, thanks for sharing

  5. never made mini...will give it a try for sure..thanks for video tute !!

  6. Amazing mini... though I also tried a pocket mini.. but this ones too easy.. would surely try it out :)

  7. ohh g8 idea !!! i just finished one album will sure try to make a new one :D for u guys !

  8. great idea,reading about what we can make from! is great-----""Like paper bags, used CDs, cardboard boxes, envelopes, playing cards, old books, etc. etc. etc.. the list is never ending. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to create a mini album.. Its about putting your creativity at work!! """

  9. How cute is this.... I love the cutie mini.. Perfect for a fun treasure hunt but shruts.. You don't sound like yourself in the video.. Voice change kari kya?? :P

  10. gorgeous.. so sunny n bright! :)

  11. it has already been linked .. plz see below the wriiten part
    linking this to lulupu :)
    and i have deactivated my fb :(

  12. i finally made my entry...hope you like it:)

  13. Adorable mini...love the challenge too ! This is a great referral whle starting on a new mini !

  14. This is a wonderful idea... Can't believe this has been made from one 12x12 sheet.. Supppak!! ;)

  15. Go gals !! :) so many great creations i see .... :) and i like !!!
    Love urs indira ! :D superbb

  16. Hey girls,i have some trouble in my internet connection,after long try i opened your site,but couldn't see the linky,so here is my entry hope you see it:)


  17. Hi,couldnt find linky.Here is my entry:

  18. Hi girls,here is my link:

  19. Such a beautiful album and so simple to make !!!


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