Friday 11 November 2016

Simple Techniques of Water Colouring for Beginners


Chirali this side with few techniques of water colouring for those who are afraid of using brushes and who are not confident in using water colours or markers (just like me before this post ;)). I hope you enjoy it. Before starting it, I must thank my fellow DT members Sindhu and Rhizwana to inspire me till today with their DT inspirations and I give complete credit to them that today I am posting regarding colouring which is totally out of my syllabus.

So let's start with it:

1. Doodling using markers:

I started using zig markers with free hands by doodling with them only. Trust me, it was so so fun to do this and a complete stress buster. Just start doing it like a kid and you will love it. Mine is not perfect but I loved making it:

I printed a sentiment in the center and then started painting whatever my hand wanted. ;)

And this is final result.

2. Blending of colours with plastic:

This is the simplest way to blend colours. I took a plastic bag, tapped distress inks, added water on it with brush randomly and then put it on a paper. And this is the result in right image.

I did the same thing again to darken it.

And this is the final card. :)

3. Blending of two colours with a brush, randomly:

I always wanted to create a galaxy on paper and this was the best time. I would show you my three attempts on it.

I have used camlin water colours which I bought years ago, finally they got a use. ;) Simply added water in colours and then on paper and started with blending them with brush, randomly, did not worry about washing the brush again and again and here is the result.

Second piece of paper is the result of first attempt. As I was not satisfied, I did not splash white on it and first piece is the second attempt which I liked and went ahead.

Final one.

Now, third one after googling for galaxy image.

Started like this.

And final result. I loved this one and this is going to be my wallpaper for next few days, for sure.

4. Colouring with single colour marker:

Here comes what I am most afraid of and fellow DT members do it excellently. I stamped a rose image on paper and started colouring with zig markers.

First added some water then tapped slightly with red marker and then blended it with brush. This image has black lines which show easily which portion to be kept dark so tried to do it.

Final tag.

5. And last one, blending two different colours with markers:

Trust me, when I got this stamp in my DT pack, I started thinking how to colour it. I tried but failed. But this time, I kept trying and look how it came out.

I added water, then a bit of red marker then blended it keeping darker inside and lighter outside then a bit of second colour that is orange here and blended it with brush.

Final result.

Hope you enjoyed it and do let me know your views and suggestions, if any.

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Chirali. :)

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Thank you for your comments and feedback.